inner beauty for an outer glow

inner beauty for an outer glow

What is inner beauty? We spend so much of our time trying to get the exterior right, that we forget about the interior and how they are each a reflection, right?


In yoga there is a word used - Ahimsa - a multidimensional precept of ‘cause no injury’, including one’s deeds, words, and thoughts, with the notion that Ahimsa has karmic consequences.


I believe this starts with the individual and the words we speak to ourselves. This is where the real inner beauty starts. Listen to your inner voice. Would you speak to a child or even a loved one like that? The glass can be half empty or half full; it is merely the way you look at it. Try focusing on the positives and emphasise them, wherever attention goes, energy flows. Look in the mirror daily and speak kind words to yourself, maybe a mantra like ‘I love you’ or ‘you are enough’ or even ‘you are beautiful’. It might be quite challenging initially - but the after effects are worth it. You are worth it!! While you are gazing at yourself lovingly in the mirror, try on different expressions of anger, thinking, confused, frowning then try on happiness, sensual, excited, or even neutral. Keep the one you like the most and wear it proudly.


To yolk mind, body and spirit together in union is the base philosophy of yoga. Without one the other will be imbalanced, they work perfectly when in unison. In Aboriginal culture it is about connecting the body, earth and spirit as one. Connecting to country, bringing our intellect to connect with nature is to nurture and care for ourselves; they are all interwoven. Placing too much emphasis on the 'I' or 'me', rather than on the collective 'WE'.


We are all one and innately connected with our surroundings. If our land is sick, so too are we. This may be becoming more and more apparent as humanity is forced to stop and go inside whilst under threat of this worldwide pandemic. Will we really go within and look and see the damage we are doing to ourselves and our precious mother earth?


I believe we will, and the change is coming. It all starts within to really learn how to speak kindly to ourselves and all of nature's abundance. When we start to move from a heartfelt place with that inner beauty then we will wear an outer glow.


Eve E White
Cultural awareness educator ~ Yoga teacher ~ Director Ngungwulah ~ Professional Dancer

I would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of this land, both past present and emerging.
It is a privilege to be present on Country to help support this land sea and spirit.