inner glow smoothie bowl

inner glow smoothie bowl

Blogger Honestly Alessandra dedicates herself to guide us through nutrition, whole food-plant based recipes , beauty tips and more... Check out her "inner glow smoothie bowl" recipe, we love it!


"When it comes to beauty, I’ve always looked for that all round, radiant, inner glow. You know, that looks like you have just stepped out of the sea onto a beach on a relaxing holiday. What if I told you that you could have this all year round, minus the tan, well depending where you are in the world, but clear skin, glowing from within and less wrinkles... of course you can! You just need to be feeding your body with the right things. What we put into our bodies is just as important as what we put onto it and that you guys is the secret, it’s that simple. Our planet has given us everything we need to feed each and every one of our cells with and it’s in our foods, we just need to know the right things to eat so that our body understands what it is receiving and what to do with it. If you eat dull, empty, colourless, nutrition less processed foods not only will our bodies not understand what to do with it but that is how you will look and feel and who wants to feel and look like that! We want to be eating colourful, vibrant, and nutritionally packed foods which are going to make us feel and look vibrant and energised. We need to eat foods our bodies can work with, makes sense?


image1 If you can get your inner glow going or it’s already in full swing, when matched with chemical free, safe make up and skin care you’ll not only look amazing but feel it too and isn’t that where the true beauty lies? Feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin!? So I’d like to share with you one of my favourite skin food dishes, my Tropical Skin Plumping Smoothie Bowl. Each of the ingredients in this will, repair, plump, rejuvenate and feed your skin!


Tropical Skin Plumping Smoothie Bowl



◦ 1 large Mango
◦ ½ Avocado
◦ 1 Banana
◦ 1 cup of cubed Pineapple
◦ 1 tbs Chia Seeds
◦ 1 cup Coconut water



    1. Place all of the ingredients into a blender and blend at high speed until mixture has a smooth consistency.
    2. Pour into a bowl.



      ◦ Sunflower seeds
      ◦ Flaxseeds
      ◦ Pumpkin seeds
      ◦ Desiccated Coconut
      ◦ Walnuts


        Decorate the top of your smoothie bowl with these beautiful skin foods, you can add other things that you may like also. Be creative!


        I hope you guys enjoy this smoothie bowl and it becomes a regular in your mornings as well as continuing to use safe products on your skin. Remember look after your body and it will look after you, allowing you to shine and be the best version of yourself every day. You can follow me on my blog and Instagramp for daily inspiration and ideas @honestlyalessandra,"



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