Inspirational Woman: Karina Velasco

Inspirational Woman: Karina Velasco

Karina Velasco is a Mexican health guru and writer. She teaches yoga, practical alchemy and she has written books about sexuality, love and healthy lifestyle. Karina likes to share inspirational photos on her social networks. She is also an excellent Certified Health Coach and nutritionist. In this interview she tells us what inspires her, how she stays healthy and what’s next for her career.


1- How would you describe yourself as a person?

I don´t like to describe myself because I am in constant change but I consider myself explorer and adventurer.


2- How would you describe your professional career?

I help people to create a lifestyle full of happiness, wellness and mental clarity, and this will help them to have the life they want and deserve. An important part is to transmit information of sexuality and sexual energy to expand the ability to feel pleasure and use more energy for creativity, better relationships and intimacy.


3- Why did you decide to teach through social networks, books and conferences?

It was something intuitive, I realized how useful had been all that I learned and wanted to share it with the most people possible. It amuses me a lot to share through photos and art.


4- Where can we find your books?

On Amazon, iTunes and Google Play in Spanish and English.


5- How did your love for yoga begin?

Since I was a girl, my dad practiced yoga, so, I was born with that culture and discipline of aring for our body, mind and spirit.


6- As a health coach and natural chef, what do you eat on a busy day?

Many juices, smoothies, tea with medicinal mushrooms and schisandra, salads and healthy snacks.


7- How do you stay active every day?

It has been part of my life for years, so it's a natural routine. It feels so good, if I don´t practice it I feel down. You become addicted to wellness.


8- Do you have any or your own natural/DIY beauty recipes?

Many people have a healthy diet but they forget about their skin, and the skin absorbs everything that you put on it because of this for 11 years I only use natural products and cosmetics as natural as possible. Coconut oil, almond, fusions of different essential oils instead of fragrances for example.


9- What´s your philosophy of life?

Be happy and do, think and act doing things that make me feel good. Having fun and not taking life so seriously.


10- What advice would you give someone to have a healthy life on a holistic level?

Taking care of different aspects of your being. Nourish your body, spirit, sexuality and mind.


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