Inspirational Woman: Olivia Wollenberg

Inspirational Woman: Olivia Wollenberg

Olivia Wollenberg is a British foodie blogger, best-selling author and super force behind Livia's Kitchen. Having been diagnosed with severe food intolerances, Olivia turned her desire for “free from” sweet treats into a hugely popular brand of healthy treats and desserts with a twist. She tells us what inspires her, how she stays healthy and what's next for Livia's Kitchen.


What does being naturally beautiful mean to you?

Being naturally beautiful to me, is all about being who you are! Whether that’s in terms of using the makeup and wearing the clothes that best represent the person you feel you are, or speaking your mind and remaining true to yourself.


What inspires you?

The main thing that inspires me is seeing how people get over their hurdles and grow from them rather than falling down.  I have big goals and I work really hard in order to reach them and I definitely get inspired by learning from others how they have dealt with difficult situations and how they have turned negatives into positives.  I’m also really inspired by others within the industry from Jamie Oliver to all the amazing people I have met specifically within the health food world who work in the same realm as me. I think the move toward healthier eating and using more natural ingredients is brilliant and really important and so seeing other people pioneering that along side me is so inspiring.


Top 3 inspirational women?

The first is a bit cliche but would probably be my mum! She’s such a strong woman and always knows what to do in any and every situation; If I could be half as calm and creative as her I would be very happy! The second is a woman called Uta Frith who is a developmental psychologist and has done a lot of research into autism. I went to one of her lectures once when I was studying neuroscience and hugely admired her research and passion. The last would probably be Beyonce because who isn’t inspired by Beyonce!


What's your food ethos? 

I think what is important is eating what feels right to you! I personally am intolerant to a wide variety of things, from garlic and onion to gluten and dairy, so I can’t eat those ingredients, but I absolutely think that balance is key and if you can eat those things and enjoy eating them then no one is to say that you shouldn’t.


What are your food weaknesses?!

I am an absolute sucker for anything sweet (funnily enough), so I think my food weakness would have to be a dessert! The one thing from my book that I literally cannot resist is the apple pie -  I could probably eat an entire pie if you left me alone with one for long enough!


Do you adhere to a daily beauty regime? If so what is it?

I have a really really simple beauty regime! I don’t use all natural products, but I do love a few of the pai bits and pieces! They’re really gentle, which is great because my skin is quite sensitive and always smell amazing!


Absolute beauty must-haves? 

Coconut oil, Burts Bees lip balm and a Pai moisturiser!


What’s your best natural beauty tip or DIY recipe?

Coconut oil!!! I use coconut oil for everything - as a body moisturiser, deep conditioner, it’s literally the most amazing thing to keep a jar of in your bathroom!


What are your favourite Ere Perez products? 

I really like the Almond Oil Mascara and also the Pure Rice Powder Bronzer - it's a really great colour, especially now that summer is here!!


How do you stay fit and healthy?

I eat a lot of cake throughout the week with constant recipe testing and new product development, so I try to exercise as much as I possibly can. Mostly, I spin at psycle on Mortimer Street (London), but I also love to go to a body combat class or a rumble class at 1rebel when I can. I also found this really great app which has little workouts that you can do at home and I have been loving doing those on days when I haven’t managed to get away from my emails and into my gym kit!


How do you most like to spend your free time?

I'm such a foodie so It would probably have to be going out to eat!! I love trying new places and dishes and it gives me lots of ideas for what to create in my own kitchen! I also really enjoy going to the theatre and cinema, exercising and playing with my little nieces!


What’s next for Livia's Kitchen?

I have big plans for Livia’s Kitchen this year! My grab ’n’ go packaging is launching soon which is really exciting and I am hoping that once this is out, I will begin to get the Bites into some bigger stores! I also have a new product range which I am hoping to launch in early 2017!


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