international day of peace

international day of peace

Peace is something we all want in the world – we dream of it, fight for it, and imagine a peaceful world. It can be overwhelming to look at all of the places in the world where peace seems currently out of reach. We feel helpless, like we can’t do anything to make things better. This may be true on a global scale, but we have huge power to affect positive change and peace in our own lives. It was Ghandi who famously said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world,’ and these words ring true even now.


21 September 2017 is the International Day of Peace. We may not be able to single-handedly solve global struggles or wars between nations, but  can we see this day as an inspiration to invite more peace into our daily lives. Whatever peace means to you, September 21 is a great day to make a new intention to welcome peace into your lives, so you can share it with others...


◦ think of all the people in our lives we are grateful for.
◦ choose to let someone else win the argument for a change.
◦ decide to be kind instead of right.
◦ make this the day to mend a bridge, heal a broken relationship.
◦ reach out to someone who has made us angry.
◦ create a song, poem or sketch that symbolises peace.
◦ consume consciously, choosing products that promote non-violence to animals.
◦ plant a tree instead of cut one down.
◦ celebrate the peace you already have in your life, neighbourhood, city and perhaps even country. Even if it is only your own home, your marriage, your relationships with a sister or best friend, child or cousin, celebrate this and be thankful for it.
◦ listen to peaceful music. Cook a meal and focus on feeling calm and peaceful. See if you can eat it in the same way!
◦ travel peacefully, and try to curb the road rage in your mind.
◦ show ourselves, our families, children and friends that each and every one of us is an agent of peace. In our hearts, minds and actions, we can choose to be more peaceful.
◦ acknowledge that even in times of crisis, the human spirit is capable of miraculous things.
◦ end the day feeling at one with yourself and the special people in your lives. There’s an old saying, Don’t go to bed angry, let’s see if we can all do this – just on this one special day. Imagine the power of all those hearts beating out the rhythm of peace into the night sky.


    Peace Out xx


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