keep fit & stay healthy

keep fit & stay healthy

Stan Veniaminov is a personal trainer based in Bondi, Australia. Read about his tips on how to keep fit and stay healthy when on a vegan diet.


'I think being vegan and fit can be bit tricky, but as long as you focus on eating food high in nutrition, especially essential amino acids, then you will be fine.


Lets take breakfast for example. First of all when I wake up during 1st hour of being awake I drink around 1-1.5L of water to make sure body is well hydrated and energised to kickstart my daily activities. Then, after 2 hours, I make breakfast, usually smoothie or acai bowl, loaded with oats, bananas, peanut butter or walnuts, chia seeds, crunchy granola (my fav) and plant-based protein (PranaOn is my fav). 


Mid morning snack is pudding made of red/jasmin rice, molasses, black beans, bit of coconut sugar topped with crunchy granola, hemp seeds (shhh its only for external use here in Australia ;)), pumpkin seeds.


Lunch usually consists of veggies, potatoes, rice, nuts/seeds.


Early dinner is another smoothie.


I prefer not to eat anything after 6pm, because I like to wake up with empty stomach hydrate with water and enjoy breakfast. Also sleep much better.


Ok, that's what my vegan meals now lets talk about workout.


Important to warm up with cardio, I spend around 20mins running or skipping medium intensity followed by dynamic stretching for better performance and injury prevention.


Most of the time I train outdoors doing bodyweight workout like pull ups, push ups, hand stands, muscle ups and basic gymnastic moves. However few times a week I go to gym to do weighted squats which help me to build strength and boost testosterone naturally.


On good feeling days I workout twice a day, about 2 hours each. On so so days I would go for job do hill sprints or stairs and finish with some stretching.


Fitness is my passion and it goes well with vegan lifestyle due to higher levels of energy and better recovery.


Keep fit & stay healthy.'


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