keep glowing, mama

keep glowing, mama

Mothers Day is around the corner! Check these tips from green beauty blogger Brooke Rashid.


'In honour of Mothers Day, the most amazing day of the year for us mama’s and to all the beautiful hard working ladies out there doing their best, working hard and basically conquering life with kids, I wanted to give them some kudos and some tips on keeping my glow, even when I am exhausted, feeling fragile and possible still have peanut butter in my hair.


It doesn’t take much, adding a little glow, but this 5 minutes of mama time, could be just what you need to recharge your batteries and give you a little pep in your step.


My number one biggest tip for getting some glow into your day, is to drink that water. I’m serious, your skin and hair wont radiate anything if you aren’t hydrating enough. No excuses, grab that glass. Now Scull!


Number two, get yourself a super nourishing 100% natural face oil and apply to a clean and now slightly more alert face. This will give you a beautiful base for the next step in my super speedy Get Mama Some Glow Ritual. 


helloskin 3 Number 3, get out your favourite shade of Ere Perez Oat Milk foundation, and your Ere Perez Pure Rice Powder Bronze Tones compact, Loving apply two pumps of your Oat Milk to your face and neck, I love to use the Eco Vegan Multipurpose Brush, but you can also use your fingers, be sure to remove any excess vegemite from your hands first. Using your favourite bronzer brush, mine is the Eco Vegan Powder Brush, but again you CAN still use your finger, and lightly brush onto your cheekbones, a hint on your chin, and a slight sweep to the forehead. Lastly I dab a hint of Clever Carrot Cheek & lip Balm in Happy onto my lips, and smile. The smile is absolutely non negotiable.


Go get em ladies. Who runs the world? We do. '


Article and look by Brooke Rashid, Hello Skin. Brooke is mama of two boys, a beauty therapist and Green Beauty Blogger.  She is Brand Manger at The Natural Beauty Collective and Formulator of the brand new 100% natural Inky Tattoo Salve  and adores 100% natural make up and skincare. Nature provides everything we need to keep our bodies, mind and heart happy.


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