Let's connect

Let's connect

Hello dear community,


This is a message of hope. In Australia and around the world, apart from the amazing frontline workers - many of us are staying home. We can’t gather with our friends and families, our kids can’t play outside like normal. This is a time to pause, and reflect.


--- about me ---


Behind the glamour of our beauty brand, I am very down-to-earth. In the mix of my busy, crazy, happy life, I am a mother with 3 kids and marriage of 20years. This has always been a family business. Juan, my husband, works closely with our team, and our team is an extension of our family. I don’t have personal facebook or instagram, the brand has always been about more than me, but now, I want you to feel me behind the brand more than ever. I am getting comfortable with new technology, and doing podcasts, and learning every day. And I am thinking how to be of value to you.


I want to remind you – you are resilient! In hard times, so many amazing things can happen. Humanity comes together, thinks differently, creates new ways forward. Uber, WhatsApp and other new innovations began during such a time! I want to share with you how 2009 was made up of triumphs and hard times, both in my personal life and business. I became a mother for the first time, we lost a loved one suddenly, we moved the whole business to new premises, and there was a global financial crisis. When we look back on what we have been through in our lives, it can give us strength for right now, comfort in knowing we can get through this. We will not be giving up, and I know you will not either. So, this is how a year can be. And the same with 2020. It will be a mix of shock, fear and challenge – but there will also be incredible things we don’t know yet that will surprise us.


We have anxiety, worries, we have to embrace it, sit with it, feel everything. Some days are very hard for all of us at home, relationships will be tricky, surviving on basics is tough, but with love and patience – we will persevere. There’s a lot we can’t control, but I believe – we can control our thoughts and focus on what we want to create. The world after the pandemic will be changed, of course, and we can all adjust to this in positive ways.


--- our offering ---


Firstly, I want to say thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting us. It means the world to me that you choose us to nourish your skin. Love is at the core of what we do, love for skin, for health, for women and the planet – I hope you can feel that right now.


Ere Perez began in 2002, always using natural, minimal, less ingredients. Made with care and good values, focusing on health, this has never changed. In 2021 we will not be exactly the same brand. We are going to take this time seriously, to contemplate on how we respond to be even more streamlined, more essential, less cluttered, and being a minimal luxury for everyone.


We will focus on essentials – what do we truly need? I think the post-pandemic consumer will be, humble, kind, loving and patient, and will enjoy again the simple things in life. We will keep our best-sellers, but maybe not some shades that you aren’t loving. We are broadening our range of skin tones to be more diverse and inclusive than ever.


As a brand we are adjusting to challenges, supply chain issues and working as hard as we can to not only bring you gorgeous beauty products, but also to give back to our beautiful wider community. For me, this time is the time to lead with generosity and kindness.


--- for the earth ---


We must embrace that the world is changing and take this as a positive to move forward with all the wisdom we have. This is the same in all our personal lives. We will all be humbler, more informed and hopefully – more loving. The Beatles’ song, ‘All you need is love’ – was an anthem 50 years ago and now, love will see us through.


I think by the end of the year the world will be outside enjoying beautiful retail experiences and the fresh clean skies. I can’t wait to see the sky in Mexico City after the pandemic – finally blue! And even Venice Canal is clean!


Maybe Covid-19 will force us to slow down and already there are signs it is helping global warming because we all finally learning to live with the basics, to cook at home, to appreciate coffee in a real mug at home, and appreciate real food we made with our hands.


So please join me in remembering our resilience, our courage, and knowing we will get through this. We will dust ourselves off and come into a new, and hopefully better world. That world is still unshaped, and our vision together can make it something very special!


Healing is happening in the chaos.


--- the new ---


I feel that I need to take this year to write a book. I have always wanted to do it, and I encourage you this weekend to think of starting something you have dreamed of, for you or your family. Let’s be inspired!


--- let’s connect ---


I love connecting with people and want to hear from you. Let’s start talking, sharing and feeling this incredible lifestyle, wellness & beauty community we are all part of. Tell me what you like about Ere Perez, what products are important to your life, what new things would you love to see, what would you change? Tell me about your stories and your ideal beauty brand. We will aim high to be everything you desire!


I want to hear you – because thanks to all of you today I have groceries delivered to my house and I have a roof over my family. We are all part of a circle and I am so very grateful.


Let’s use this time to seed our dreams for the future. We are brave, creative, talented, and we are united. We are together, and my thoughts are with you and your loved ones. I hope you take the time to pray or meditate whatever moves you and be thankful and gracious of what you have. 


Love, Ere.