light and carefree look

light and carefree look

Lorella Giannini is an Italian makeup artist. Visiting us at our Bondi Beach office, she met our beautiful writer Kathryn "Rainbow" Lyster, and the 2 of them had great fun playing with our makeup!


Forget rigid routines and strict regimes. We want you to have fun with our cosmetics! Our range of natural makeup is full of easy to use products that give you more time in your life, not less. Real beauty is natural and effortless.


For this care-free look we feature our powder foundation, perfect for all skin tones and complexions – even freckled skin, like you can see here. Powder foundation is an amazing way to even skin tone, add a dewy glow to your complexion, while still letting the pores of the skin breathe. For a fun natural look that’s fun and easy, we’ll share our top tips for powder foundation.


How to apply Ere Perez Correcting Calendula Powder Foundation:

1. Best applied to clean skin that has been moisturised. Use our kabuki brush with this powder.
2. Take the foundation and tip a small amount into the lid.
3. Dab the round head of the brush into the powder. Shake off excess.
4. Now, apply the foundation to the face in four large circles – on the cheeks, forehead and chin.
5. Use the brush to blend the foundation into the face.
6. Dust a line of foundation onto the bridge of the nose, and blend in evenly.
7. You will be happy with this, or prefer a second layer of foundation, depending on the weather, occasion and desired look.
8. As you can see, your skin now looks even, youthful and radiant in no time at all.


    Other fun products used for this natural look: 

     Pure rice powder - My Blush
     Versatile vanilla highlighter - Falling Star
     Rich olive oil lipstick - High Tea
     Organic jojoba eye pencil - black
     Natural almond oil mascara
     Natural almond oil eyebrow pencil.


      Whatever your complexion, you can use our makeup to make your skin your best feature!


      Makeup by Italian Makeup Artist, Lorella Giannini. Lorella is an Italo-Australian makeup artist who moved from Florence to Sydney in 2014 to find her passion and talents. Inspired by people’s natural beauty and art, Lorella loves using makeup to express herself. To see more about Lorella: Instagram , Web.


      Model: Kathryn Lyster.


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