line & shine

line & shine

Here’s to great beginnings, fresh eyes and that January glow!


After the festive period, we are known to perhaps overwork our bodies and take our skin for granted - but that's okay. Don't be hard on yourself!


But we don't want you to start the year with that itchy, dry feeling that comes with using a lot of mainstream and surprisingly, some natural eye makeup. Rubbing our eyes from redness, all teary.


That’s not how we want you to start the year! That's why we have created a gentle and nourishing eye pencil, suitable for even sensitive eyes. Our eye pencils are natural, toxin free, soft and all about happy eyes. We celebrate bright whites and your own unique colour. Smudge or line to highlight your beautiful eyes.


Look #1
1. Create the ultimate New Year natural skin look with our best natural beauties:

 oat milk foundation – your shade
 arnica concealer – your shade
 vanilla highlighter – falling star
 wild pansy tinted lipbar– hope (purple)

    2. Now for jojoba eye pencil – agate!


    Our jojoba pencils can be used as eyeliner, and also as an all-over shadow by smudging. Line the top eyelid close to lashes, and smudge with our eco vegan smudge & shade brush.






    Jojoba oil is soothing for skin and nourishes lashes, for a long-lasting look. Choose from 10 stunning shades & mix-it-up with our new colours in 2020!


    Look by Katiana Salinas, photography by Hiram Martinez, Model Mollie is from the USA.