line, smudge & shade - 3 ways with eye pencils

line, smudge & shade - 3 ways with eye pencils

Our new jojoba eye pencils have just hit the shelves – hooray! We love these nifty natural eye pencils made with nourishing jojoba oil. They are long-lasting, friendly to sensitive eyes and deliver the expert lines you need in an eyeliner. To celebrate the birth of jojoba eye pencils in BLACK, BROWN, CLAY, COPPER, GOLD, BRONZE, FOREST, and STONE, here are three ways to use them in your daily beauty routine. Each shade has different qualities to suit your eyes and different colour palettes, but they all work in the same way.


We will explain three simple and effective ways for perfect organic eyes, using one of our favourite unique shades, STONE. It is a beautiful grey taupe colour that compliments many eye colours and particularly highlights blue and green eyes, as you will see here.


#1: Line

There’s nothing better than a perfect smooth line. It creates a dramatic and glamorous look, amazing for night time. This can be hard to achieve on eyelids, where skin can be a tricky canvas for perfect application of eyeliner. Our makeup artists know the tricks of the trade that will steer you away from crooked lines to line perfection.


Always sharpen your pencil before use, especially when requiring a precision line. Use our eco sharpener to achieve the perfect point.


You can create a base with foundation on the eyelid, or eyeshadow. Or, apply straight to clean skin for a very natural look.


1. To apply eye pencil to the top eyelid, make dots along the lash line where the lashes meet the skin.
2. Next, connect the dots in a sweeping line along the eyelid.
3. Apply one or more layered lines for a darker look. 
4. For lower eyelid, apply on the inner rim as close to the lashes as possible.


    #2: Smudge

    Smudging is an effect of creating a blurred line with eyeliner. This softens the intense look of eyeliner by blending. Smudging can give the appearance of opening the eyes wider, by drawing attention up away from the eye in the direction of the brow. Great for when you are tired or needed to brighten up your eyes.


    1. We recommend applying two layers of eye pencil before smudging, to get a good amount of colour.
    2. Once you have applied the eyeliner as described above, it’s time to get smudging!
    3. For a smudged effect – gently rub finger over the line you have applied line to blur edges. You will see that the colour extends past the line into a more gentle look.


      #3: Shade

      When you want to utilise more colour from your eye pencil, shading is the best way to do it. This is an effect that uses the eyeliner in the same way as you would use an eyeshadow, for full eyelid coverage.


      1. To begin, even out the texture and skin tone of your eye lid using our liquid oat milk foundation in your shade. This will create a great base for the next step. Allow to dry.
      2. Next, apply the eyeliner pencil in stripes or bands across the eyelid, starting closest to the nose and extending out.
      3. Loosely colour in the lines as much as possible.
      4. Now, using our eco vegan smudge & shade brush, blend in the eyeliner so there are no gaps. You may need to apply more colour in certain spots, but the main idea is to use the shading end of this versatile brush to create even, flawless coverage of the eyelid.
      5. A layer of mascara will finish the look!


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