lip colour for your colouring

lip colour for your colouring

By Kiarra Smith


As an Image Consultant and Style Coach, one of the things I do is teach women the colours to wear that make them glow, including makeup colours. Depending on the colour of your hair, skin and eyes, certain colours will harmonise with your unique colouring, while others will cause you to appear washed out and lifeless. Read on to find out which of Ere Perez’s new Cacao Lip Colours to choose for your colouring!


The newly-released Cacao Lip Colours by Ere Perez are hydrating and moisturising to your lips while adding a sheer wash of colour. Because of this, all six shades are very forgiving and wearable, so you’re sure to find a shade that looks stunning on you! Here are my recommendations…


If you have light blonde hair and a light skin tone: Play

The most noticeable characteristic in your colouring is your ‘lightness’, and we want to mimic this in the colours you wear – both in clothing and makeup. You look best in colours that are light and fresh, and should avoid dark, rich colours, which will be far too strong for you. Ere Perez’s Cacao Lip Colour in Play will work beautifully on your gorgeous colouring. This guava pink shade will brighten your skin tone and bring out your eye colour.



If you have dark blonde to medium brown hair and a light/medium skin tone: Sway

Since your overall colouring is medium in intensity, your best colours will be medium, mid-toned shades. Make sure you’re not wearing anything too light, dark, or bright, which will overwhelm you. For you, I’d recommend Ere Perez’s Cacao Lip Colour in Sway (previously called 'you'): it’s the perfect nude lip. It’s lovely and soft in tone, and will blend seamlessly with your gentle colouring.



If you have dark hair and eyes: Hoopla

Due to the gorgeous depth in your natural colouring, you look best in deep, rich, intense shades. Avoid pastels, or any medium- to light-coloured hues, which will just wash you out. Ere Perez’s Cacao Lip Colour in Hoopla (previously called 'me'): is a stunning nude for you, as it has a slight depth to it, which will give you a ‘my lips but better’ look while harmonising with the depth in your eyes and hair.



If you have dark hair, light skin and blue, green or hazel eyes: Dash

You have such high contrast in your beautiful colouring, and we want to mirror this in the colours you wear. The brightest shades you can find will look best on you: be sure to avoid anything muted or soft, as this will completely wash you out. Ere Perez’s Cacao Lip Colour in the shade Dash is perfect! You can get away with this ruby red colour as an everyday shade, despite its bold colour, since it’s so sheer.



If you have silver, grey or salt-and-pepper hair: Wander

Your cool-toned hair means you look your best in cool, royal hues. Avoid anything with warmth, as this will give you a sallow, sickly appearance. My lip colour recommendation for you is Ere Perez’s Cacao Lip Colour in the shade Wander – don’t be afraid of its bold appearance! It’s the perfect shade for you, as it will give you a beautiful wash of cool-toned colour to your lips, harmonising beautifully with your hair and skin.



If you have red, auburn or warm brown hair: Mingle

The warmth in your hair means you look stunning in rich autumn shades and harvest colours – anything with warmth. Avoid cool tones, which will clash with your natural colouring. A gorgeous lip shade for you is Ere Perez’s Cacao Lip Colour in Mingle. This beautiful warm brown colour will harmonise with the warmth in your hair and skin tone and is the perfect nude shade for you, particularly when wearing a bolder eye look.


EP_Blog_LipColours7.jpg Be sure to let me know over on my facebook page how my recommendations go! If you’re interested in learning the best colours for you, click here to learn more about my Discover Your Colour Code online service: a quick and affordable way to learn your 36 best colours that make you glow, along with the best colours to choose for jewellery, shoes, bags, hair, makeup, and more! This service will save you both time and money, as well as bring a little peace back into your wardrobe.


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