lip & eyes

lip & eyes

We’re all about eyes this week. Did you know that one of the best ways to get your eyes to pop – is actually lipstick?


We’ve found the perfect pairing for darker coloured eyes in looks that bring out the natural beauty of Ximena’s eyes. Different lip colours bring a different mood, but they also impact how our eyes look! We’ve chosen 2 of our faves to highlight truly unique eye colours to their absolute best.




 oat milk foundation – honey
 arnica concealer – honey
 rice powder blush & bronzer – roma
 natural almond mascara – black
 chamomile eye palette – gorgeous
 almond brow pencil – perfect



    1. Find an even complexion with a layer of oat milk foundation – honey applied to the face with our eco vegan multipurpose brush.
    2. Arnica concealer applied under eyes, on any uneven skin tone or blemishes. Blend using the eco vegan lip & conceal brush.
    3. Create all-over healthy natural colour with rice powder blush & bronzer – roma, applied in a single layer to cheeks, eyelids, forehead with the eco vegan blush & bronze brush.



      4. Chamomile eye palette – gorgeous. Choose your shades and apply with the eco vegan smudge & shade brush. Use the larger side to apply a lighter shade and the thinner edge to apply a darker colour along the lash line. Blend well.
      5. For expert natural brows, use our almond brow pencil – perfect to fill in any gaps and create even brow lines.
      6. Layer top and bottom lashes with natural almond mascara – black.


        EP_Blog_Ximena3 Coral Pop: we used olive oil lipstick – birthday to create soft dreamy eyes.


        EP_Blog_Ximena4 Tangerine Dare: for bold, sultry eyes we used olive oil lipstick – carnivale for a vibrant look.


        Make-up Artist: Agathe Verdier, Model: Ximena from Mexico, Photography: Hiram Martinez.


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