look – ocean inspired

look – ocean inspired

We love a natural lifestyle and we think skin should match! These looks are inspired by our model Sarah’s natural beauty and free spirit. We have chosen beauty essentials to match her gorgeous skin, for complexions that are sun-kissed, darker toned or naturally tanned.


This theme is a little bit mermaid, a little bit nature goddess. It’s a whimsical uplifting feeling that lets you feel relaxed and truly YOU. There is an essence of freedom in all of us and we want to help you celebrate what is wild and free about you. Freedom comes from the inside, but also from an external confidence, knowing that your skin is healthy and happy.


Our brand new ARNICA CONCEALER features in these looks as the perfect product to soothe and heal tired or blemished skin. We are so happy to share this long-awaited concealer with you... a blend of natural ingredients including chamomile. The range features 6 expert tones that we will explore over the coming months so you can utilise this power-packed healing concealer to enhance your skin. For now, arnica concealer – brew is used here to even skin tone, touch up spots, redness and tired skin. Feeling confident in your skin, your face that greets the world, can give you the freedom to embrace life and take on the world!


What you need:

 oat milk foundation
 arnica concealer
 corn translucent powder
 carrot cheek & lip balm – healthy
 avocado waterproof mascara – black
 aloe vera gel mascara – clear 
 macadamia lip colour – me


    How to:

    1. To a clean and moisturised face, begin by applying a thin layer of oat milk foundation – dark using our eco vegan multipurpose brush. This look is about being free, and this foundation gives the skin the freedom to breathe while still providing good coverage.
    2. Next, the exciting ARNICA CONCEALER – BREW, applied directly onto the skin under the eyes to cover over dark circles.
    3. Apply with the eco vegan lip & conceal brush. You’ll be amazed at how fresh you suddenly look! It’s an instant lift… In addition, this concealer can also be applied to any areas of redness, spots or blemishes.
    4. onto skin with the same brush and blend well. We use corn translucent powder on the t-zone to absorb any shine and create a matte finish to the look, applied with eco vegan powder brush in light sweeping strokes across the forehead, nose and chin. This is all you need to let your skin to breathe while still achieving blemish-free skin.
    5. Blend well and your complexion is set!


    Now for the little extras:


    carrot cheek & lip balm – healthy: add a dab of natural colour to cheeks with this versatile colour balm. Apply to skin and blend. (This product doubles as lip colour, so remember that for next time.)


    aloe vera gel mascara – clear: for brows and lashes! We love this mascara wand in clear, it’s the ultimate brow groomer for neat and glossy brows. Apply in upward strokes to your brows and the straighten the top line of your brows. Next, apply two coats of the clear gel mascara to your lashes to add gloss and conditioning.


    macadamia lip colour – me: for a nourishing treat for your lips and a touch of healthy colour. Apply to lips and carry with you throughout the day.


    LET YOUR HAIR DOWN. We suggest pairing this look with natural, scrunched hair, let your hair have a relaxed day too.


    Who is Sarah?

    Sarah, from Brazil, has been living in Australia since 2014. Sarah is an art lover and her biggest passion is music. She gets really inspired to write and sing her own songs when in contact with nature. She is also involved in holistic events.


    Makeup : Agathe Verdier Photographs by Hiram Martinez.


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