look - get fresh!

look - get fresh!

When you feel good about yourself from the inside out – it shows! Here’s 3 looks that celebrate Natalie’s fresh Australian beauty...


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Honey + honey = heaven!

1. Prep the skin with a little papaya sos skin marmalade, applied to any blemishes, skin irritation/dryness.
2. For puffiness//redness under the eyes, apply arnica concealer - honey with our eco vegan lip & conceal brush. Blend well.
3. To create a flawless finish, use oat milk foundation – honey. Apply a single layer with our eco vegan multipurpose brush and blend.
4. For healthy colour, rice powder bronzer – tulum is your best friend! Apply to cheeks, eyelids and a light dusting over the face with our eco vegan blush & bronze brush. You can apply more layers for darker bronzing.
5. Eyes – Keeping it nice & light with chamomile eye palette - gorgeous . Choose your favourite shade. Apply natural almond mascara - black to top and bottom lashes and fill in your brows with natural almond brow pencil.
6. You are RADIANT.


    Best lips!


    EP_Blog_Natalie3 After steps 1 to 5: hydrating & moisturising olive oil lipstick – picnic. Apply to lips and feel the silky texture and vibrant colour!


    Gorgeous eyes!


    EP_Blog_Natalie4 After steps 1 to 5: For extra glossy lashes, apply conditioning aloe gel lash & brow mascara – clear. Use this great mascara to groom your brows as well.


    You’re all set!


    Look by Agathe Verdier @agatheverdier_ , Model: Natalie from Australia, Photography: Hiram Martinez


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