look - glam up!

look - glam up!

We all like a little bit of glamour. There are days when you dress down, go about your normal life, wear a neutral palette of clothing and makeup, and then there are others when you just want to stand out! We’ve got 2 great looks for when you want to glam up a little, dress to impress or just throw caution to the wind and step out into the night. For cocktails, parties, dinners, weddings – we’ve got you covered.


Look 1 - The lips have it

Be a little daring, a little provocative and let your lips do the talking! For a little black dress, a cocktail party or black tie event or even to cook a delicious dinner at home, while dancing, in your own kitchen. There’s always a reason to splash out and let your hair down.


What you need

 oat milk foundation – light
 vanilla highlighter - falling star
 rice powder blush - bondi blush
 natural almond mascara – black
 olive oil lipstick – surprise



    Get the look

    To a cleansed and moisturised face, apply our liquid oat milk foundation – light with our  eco vegan multipurpose brush (If your skin is darker, use liquid oat milk foundation – medium or tan shades). Apply one layer or more for fuller coverage. Now your skin tone is even and smooth. Next, use rice powder blush – bondi blush on the apples of the cheek with eco vegan blush & bronzer brush to create perfectly rosy cheeks in this gorgeous natural hue. To finish off, a lick of natural almond mascara – black applied to top and bottom lashes and shimmering vanilla highlighter – falling star used on the eyebrow arches and upper cheek bones. Nourishing olive oil lipstick – surprise for a glossy pout that stands out. A perfect look for your wild side!


    Look 2 - Satin and Velvet

    This is a warmer look than reminds us of luxurious fabrics, of rich colours and the glamour of bygone eras. It celebrates old world elegance and timeless beauty. Feel decadent, treat yourself, the night is yours! 


    What you need

     oat milk foundation – light
     vanilla highlighter – sun halo
     rice powder bronzer – bronzer tones
     natural almond mascara - black
     almond oil eyebrow pencil
     macadamia lip colour – you


    Get the look

    This look starts off slow with a soak in a hot bath, a massage, a glorious afternoon nap, a cup of tea in your favourite mug. Then, when it’s time to prep for the big night out, here’s what you do:


    Begin with oat milk foundation – light, applied on a clean face with our eco vegan multipurpose brush. Over your new flawless complexion, it’s time to add some colour. Rice powder bronzer – bronzer tones is the ultimate bronzer for this occasion, applied with eco vegan blush & bronzer brush to the cheeks and a light dusting on the eyelids. For extra definition, fill in any gaps in your eyebrows with almond oil eyebrow pencil. Next, highlight your angles with vanilla highlighter – sun halo, best applied with our eco vegan multipurpose brush to eyebrow arches and high cheekbones. For the eyes, apply your favourite eyeshadow to the eyelid and a thin line of shadow under the lower lashline. Natural almond mascara – black to the top and bottom lashes will finish off the look and frame the face. One of our original favourite lip colours macadamia lip colour – you, gives a velvety sheen to the lips and will enhance any outfit. Natural elegance is yours! 


    Model: Jenna. Makeup by Katiana Salinas, photography by Hiram Martinez.


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