look - it's chai time

look - it's chai time

We are so excited about our newly-launched Ere Perez concealers, we thought we’d show you three great looks utilizing this favourite product of the month. A blendable concealer that looks after your skin.


The new arnica concealers are better than ever. A creamy consistency makes this great for covering dark circles under the eyes, correcting skin tone and also to cover over blemishes. What makes these cream concealers extra great? The secret ingredient, arnica, is known for having healing and anti-inflammatory properties. While some concealers can actually make a spot or blemish worse, these can calm down the area while also adding coverage.


As skin is our largest organ, it can be affected by our hormones, external pollution, diet, exercise, sleep and other lifestyle factors. Sometimes, we get a breakout or a single spot and we just have no idea where it came from because we’re been looking after our bodies so well. Feeling that our skin is not at its best is a common feeling for all of us at different times, that’s why we have created this fab little cream concealer to help with your skin complaints. No matter what you are dealing with, from tired-looking skin, pigmentation, a breakout or just a single pesky spot, this is the answer! Just like a relaxing cup of tea, CHAI concealer will help any situation. For good days and bad, here are three looks to bring out the best in your skin. We have chosen a medium shade in the concealer here – CHAI – that suits light to medium skin tones. In addition, we have teamed up the concealer with the carrot cheek & lip balms – a perfect match.


Look 1 – Be Healthy

Great for everyday


ere perez concealer What you need:

 oat milk foundation – medium
 arnica concealer – chai
 carrot cheek & lip balm – healthy
 natural almond oil mascara – black
 jojoba eye pencil
 almond oil eyebrow pencil


    Get the look:

    1. First up, star product, arnica concealer – chai.  This cream concealer is applied directly onto freshly moisturized skin to places that need it. Using the eco vegan lip & conceal brush, apply the concealer in spall dots under the eye. Blend. Next, apply to any areas that are problematic – such as the chin, T-zone or spot blemishes, blend into skin.
    2. The base of this look is oat milk foundation in medium, a shade that suits many skin tones. This tone compliments the arnica concealer we used. Apply foundation to the face in a thin layer with our eco vegan multipurpose brush. You can apply an extra layer for stronger coverage.
    3. Now we focus on the eyes. Choosing natural almond oil mascara – black, apply to the top and bottom lashes.
    4. Define the brows using natural almond oil eyebrow pencil, by filling in any gaps in the brows with the pencil.
    5. Carrot cheek & lip balm - healthy comes next to finish off the look! Apply this creamy balm with the other side of the eco vegan lip & conceal brush, to the cheeks and finally the lips. This gives amazing healthy colour and a touch of gloss to your look.
    6. Smile ?


      Look 2 – Holy colour

      This look is more dramatic and sensual, enhancing the colour of the lips and is perfect for night time. Wear your hair out for natural glamour.


      ere perez concealer What you need to get the look: After following steps 1 – 4, choose a different dash of colour by substituting carrot cheek & lip balm – healthy with a darker tone, carrot cheek & lip balm – holy. Arnica concealer is so versatile, it works with this plum tone for cheeks/lips as well!


      Look 3 – Always happy

      We recommend this look for those days when you need a little bit of happiness. Maybe your skin isn’t looking its best, you have a breakout, or life is giving you lemons. What could be better than a little dose of happiness?


      ere perez concealer What you need to get the look:

      Begin with your complexion, using oatmilk foundation – medium and arnica concealer – chai. After framing your eyes, it’s time to add the happiness. So, for the colour, choose carrot cheek & lip balm – happy. This is a lovely crimson shade that will take focus away from any blemish or drab skin tone.


      With these looks you will see how versatile the arnica concealer – chai is. It blends with foundation, your skin tone and also with an array of other products for naturally beautiful skin. This is the shade for most skins but arnica concealer comes in 5 other great shades so find your best one.


      Our model is Fabiola, a professional swimmer and swimming instructor from Brazil. Makeup by Katiana Salinas. Photographs by Hiram Martinez.


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