look - love yourself

look - love yourself

Because you are beautiful, your inner light shines, your face tells your stories & the places you have been. Because you are the best friend you’ll ever have & your beauty starts from within. This look celebrates your uniqueness..


Bronze harmony

Introducing 2 brand new products! EP_CarrotColourPot_Web2_Harmony


carrot colour pots - harmony: 2-in-1 versatile natural cream blush for cheeks and lips. EP_Pencil_Eye_Web2


stunning eyeliner pencil with inbuilt sharpener. Rich & luxurious colour! jojoba eye liner - bronze:


What you need

 arnica concealer - caramel
 sesame lip liner - sweet
 carrot colour pots - harmony
 vanilla highlighter - falling star
 jojoba eye liner - bronze
 almond oil eyebrow pencil
 almond oil mascara - black


    1. To a moisturised face apply arnica concealer - caramel to any spots, blemishes, pigmentations and under the eyes. Use our eco vegan lip & conceal brush to blend well into the skin.
    2. Next accentuate your angles. Apply vanilla highlighter - falling star with the other end of your eco vegan lip & conceal brush. Sweep the highlighter above and below the brow, on high points on cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose. Blend blend blend!
    3. Time to bronze up. Apply jojoba eye liner - bronze along the top and bottom lash lines. For a deeper look, apply a second application.
    4. Almond oil eyebrow pencil - perfect and almond oil mascara - black are the perfect pairing for stylish definition. Apply the pencil to your brows, filing in any gaps in hair growth and to add colour and depth. Mascara on top and bottom lashes will draw attention to your eyes.
    5. You’ve got to love your lips. They are your smile! Outline with sesame lip liner – sweet (always sharpen pencil first) then plump them up a layer of carrot colour pots – harmony. Apply with with eco vegan lip & conceal brush
    6. Utilise the same versatile carrot colour pots – harmony as a lovely blush for your cheeks.


      When you’re at harmony with yourself and the world, life feels good…


      Our model is Romina from Uruguay, make-up artist is Katiana Salinas, photos by Hiram Martinez.


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