look – salute the sun

look – salute the sun

Whether you’re in the middle of a long winter or enjoying summer days, the golden moments of sunshine cheer us all up. This look captures the essence of sunshine, reflected in the cheeks and lips. Shining product is vanilla highlighter in sun halo.


When the naturally glowing Anisha came into our studio, we were so excited to use our natural makeup to enhance her features. We’ve chosen her high cheekbones as focus point to salute the sun.


What you need

 Natural almond mascara - black
 aloe vera gel mascara – clear
 jojoba eye pencil – black
 vanilla highlighter – sun halo
 almond oil eyebrow pencil


    Get the look

    1. Embrace your eyes. Apply natural almond mascara – black to the top lashes in upwards strokes. Apply a single layer to the bottom layer in downward strokes.
    2. For definition, apply the jojoba eye pencil – black on the bottom rim of the eyelid. Sharpen the pencil, and then trace a line from the inner to outer eye.
    3. For the eyebrows, use the almond oil eyebrow pencil to fill in any gaps in the hairs by lightly colouring in over the skin.
    4. Our aloe vera gel mascara – clear is the perfect finishing product for both the eyebrows and lashes. Apply a layer to the eyebrows to tame and set the hairs. Apply one layer to the eyelashes to add extra gloss.
    5. Time to salute the sun! For a glorious golden glow all year round, use vanilla highlighter – sun halo. With our eco vegan multipurpose brush, apply this creamy product to the arch of the eye just below the eyebrow. Next, apply to the cheeks and blend well. Finally, smooth over the lips with this shining product that captures and enhances your natural radiance.


      Makeup : Ere Perez. Photographs by Hiram Martinez.


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