look - say hello!

look - say hello!

When the naturally glowing Anisa came into our studio, we were so excited to use our natural makeup to enhance her features. We’ve chosen her high cheekbones and lips as focus points for this look that says "Hello" to the world.


Makeup is an amazing tool to bring out your best features and enhance the natural beauty of your face.


We are big fans and we know you are too! There are so many amazing ways to use makeup, lightly for a casual day or to really paint the face like an artwork for a special event. We love natural makeup because it gives all of the effects, enhancing and beauty, while still looking after your skin. We are always so delighted to hear from people who have made the switch to natural makeup and are reaping the benefits – their skin is healthier, more radiant, less breakouts, they know they are being good to themselves and the planet.


Natural makeup just brings out the best in everyone. Say Hello.


Hello is a greeting that comes in any language, but no matter how you say it, or where you come from, the amazing people you meet in life, taking a moment to greet another person is a universal sign of respect and acknowledgment.


Our brilliant clever carrot colour pot – hello is the perfect coloured natural balm to prepare you for your day, and for every person you will smile at and greet. This look enhances your natural charisma and highlights your amazing smile for all the world to see.


What you need

 rice powder bronzer – bronze tones
 aloe vera gel mascara – clear
 jojoba eye pencil – black
 carrot colour pot – hello
 almond oil eyebrow pencil


    Get the look

    1. On a clean and moisturised face, generously apply rice powder bronzer – bronze tones. Use the eco vegan blush & bronze brush, dab lightly in circles on the cheeks, eyelids, forehead chin and bridge of the nose. Blend this well into your skin. This is a base of healthy colour for the face that creates a natural glow.
    2. Now for the eyes. Apply natural almond mascara – black to the top lashes in upwards strokes. Apply a single layer to the bottom layer in downward strokes.
    3. For definition, apply the jojoba eye pencil – black on the bottom rim of the eyelid. Sharpen the pencil, and then trace a line from the inner to outer eye.
    4. For the eyebrows, use the almond oil eyebrow pencil to fill in any gaps in the hairs by lightly colouring in over the skin.
    5. Our aloe vera gel mascara – clear is the perfect finishing product for both the eyebrows and lashes. Apply a layer to the eyebrows to tame and set the hairs. Apply one layer to the eyelashes to add extra gloss.
    6. Time to say hello! The final step is our carrot colour pot – hello. This is best applied with the eco vegan multipurpose brush. Use the brush to add colour to the cheeks and blend. Then apply to the lips in a generous layer and smack the lips together. You can add another layer to both cheeks and lips for more colour, if you’re feeling extra cheery!


      Model Anisa is from Somalia, Makeup : Ere Perez, Photographs: Hiram Martinez.


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