love your foundation

love your foundation

Foundation, if you think about it, is a really interesting word we use for a makeup product! In the beauty bizz, it means the first layer of makeup you apply to your face, which you then layer with colour, powders, mascaras – all the fun thing! But foundation is the beginning…


Celebrating mothers, women, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, godmothers, aunts this month, got us thinking about the foundations of these relationships. And mainly – it is love! In many ways, love is the bond we share in our relationships. This doesn’t mean however, that relationships aren’t also: challenging, upsetting, frustrating, disappointing, hard and sometimes – just really too much. The ups and downs we go through in our lives as we grow are all part of the process of being human. With family (the ones we are born into and the ones we find for ourselves), love brings us back. To gratitude, forgiveness, healing, second chances, care, hope and renewal. Above all else, if we can remember love as our foundation, it can get us through tricky times in life.


But if you don’t have love as your base, your starting point – it’s hard to juggle all the rest that life throws at us.


Our skin requires the same attention, care and yes – LOVE. Foundation is applied to the largest part of the skin, our entire faces in fact. It’s important to get right! Foundation, if it’s not loving to our skin, can end up like our relationships – enflamed, too sensitive, blocked and even angry…


Our oat milk foundation is gentle, nurturing and kind to your skin. It is the perfect base for your beauty routine. It creates a flawless complexion that lasts, so you can add, layer and trust your skin is breathing and not being exposed to impurities. When we take care with our skin, our health, our friends and family and ourselves, when we focus on love and kindness, the world looks a little brighter (and even our skin!) Don’t you think?


Model Jen is from Australia. Thank you The Health Emporium, Bondi for the collaboration! Photography by Hiram Martinez.


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