make it minimal

make it minimal

We like quick fixes, no-fuss and multi-tasking products…


For busy days, early mornings and long days – we want easy makeup rituals that save time. We want that extra ten minutes of hitting the snooze button on cold mornings, drinking tea and reading a magazine before work, snuggling with the cat before racing to the train. We are all about moments that count & finding solutions that give us more of the good things in life. Two of our best versatile beauties feature in these looks. Carrot colour pots & ginkgo micellar water!  Ingrid from Norway shows us how it’s done.



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Put it on:

 oat milk foundation – chai
 arnica concealer – chai
 chamomile eye palette – pretty
 jojoba eye pencil – black
 avocado waterproof mascara – black
 almond brow pencil – perfect
 sesame lip liner – shy
 carrot colour pots – healthy
 vanilla highlighter – falling star 



    1. Blend oat milk foundation onto a clean face with our eco vegan multipurpose brush
    2. Apply arnica concealer over any redness or blemishes with the eco vegan lip & conceal brush
    3. Choose your favourite eyeshadow from the chamomile eye palette – pretty. Using our 2-in-1 eco vegan line & blend eye brush, blend into the eyelid
    4. Rim the eyelids, along the top and bottom lash line with jojoba eye pencil – black
    5. Apply two layers of avocado waterproof mascara – black for WOW lashes
    6. Perfect brows by filling in gaps with almond brow pencil – perfect
    7. Frame your lips with sesame lip liner – shy
    8. Apply carrot colour pots – healthy to apple the cheeks and lips, blend well with fingers. (pop this pot of goodness in your bag for the day!)
    9. Choose illuminating vanilla highlighter – falling star to finish off, apply to high cheekbones and under the eyebrow.


      Take it off:

      When the day is done, when you get home late, when you’re a little tired, you just want to take off your makeup as easily as possible. Hello Ginkgo Micellar Water!



      1. Apply gingko micellar water to a cotton pad and wipe gently over skin to remove all makeup and simultaneously cleanse skin.
      2. Hydrate with moisturiser and you’re ready for bed!


        EP_Blog_Banner_Minimal5 Model Ingrid is from Norway, look by Katiana Salinas, photograph Hiram Martinez.


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