make up or not

make up or not

To makeup or not to makeup? It’s totally up to you!


Our relationship to makeup is personal – it can change over time or stay consistent for decades. Some women prefer neutrals, while others experiment with vibrant colours. Our makeup routine can reflect how we are feeling, be used to change how we feel or be an outlet for creativity. You can love wearing makeup daily or only on special occasions – either way, we want you to LOVE your skin, how it feels and how it looks in the mirror.


We celebrate skin with makeup on it, and skin without. We want you to feel great when you are all made up for an event, and when you are bare-faced and casually dressed. We love bright lipstick with old jeans, and cocktail dresses with barely-there makeup. In our world – anything goes.


look #1: BEAUTY

This could be for home only, a NYE party or heading off to yoga. It’s a guaranteed natural glow!


YOU NEED: moringa all-beauty crème


After cleansing your face, apply moringa all beauty crème. Massage into skin for skin radiance.


look #2: BREW

Depending on how you feel, this is for doing the weekly grocery shop, heading out to a dinner party or a laid-back brunch with friends.


YOU NEED: oat milk foundation – brew | arnica concealer – brew | natural almond mascara – black | aloe gel lash & brow mascara – clear | almond brow pencil – perfect |  beetroot cheek & lip tint – joy |olive oil lipstick


2. With our eco vegan lip & conceal brush, blend arnica concealer – brew under eyes or over any blemishes.
3. Bring out your eyes with 2 coats of natural almond mascara – black, to top & bottom lashes.
4. For eyebrows, fill in gaps with almond brow pencil – perfect.
5. Groom brows with slick clear gloss: aloe gel lash & brow mascara – clear.
6. Add a pop of colour to cheeks with beetroot cheek & lip tint – joy. Blend in!

    For lips, use any of our olive oil lipstick to finish off.


    Model Febrinna is from Indonesia, makeup by Katiana Salinas, photography by Hiram Martinez.


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