makeup your way

makeup your way

Some days you wear lip balm and a smile, your gorgeous freckles shine through. Other days, you want a full face of makeup. We are all so unique, our moods change and one of the great things about makeup is how it allows us to express our personality and how we are feeling. Anyone who says makeup isn’t creative, isn’t thinking about it in the right way! How we dress, how we style our hair and what we put on our faces is a way that we show who we are in the world.


Some days you want to hide, some days you feel that happy glow. Some days you frown, others you are on top of the world. As the saying goes – there’s a lipstick to match that mood!


Our oat milk foundation is for luxurious full coverage, for when you want a little extra on your skin. It comes in 6 awesomely wearable shades:

1. Latte
2. Honey
3. Chai
4. Caramel
5. Brew
6. Mocha


    Get yours! At the end of a long day, wipe it all away with ginkgo micellar water. So easy, you’ll thank us.


    Get Lia’s look


     oat milk foundation - honey
     arnica concealer - honey
     vanilla highlighter - falling star
     carrot colour pots - happy
     jojoba eye pencil - gold
     almond brow pencil - perfect


      1. Apply oat milk foundation – honey to a clean face. Start in the centre of the face and move outwards. Blend well.
      2. For any blemishes, dark circles or pigmentation, cover with arnica concealer – honey and blend into skin.
      3. Apply light-reflecting vanilla highlighter – falling star to high cheekbones and under eyebrows.
      4. For neat & tidy brows, use almond brow pencil – perfect. Fill in any gaps with the pencil, and groom brows with the built-in brush!
      5. Add some shimmer to the rim of top and bottom eyelids with jojoba eye pencil – gold.
      6. For healthy colour, use fingers to smudge carrot colour pots – happy onto cheeks and lips.
      7. SMILE!


        ** CRIMSON + GOLD = HAPPY

        Beauty editor tip – perfect colour combination of the crimson carrot colour pots – happy and the jojoba eye pencil - gold will illuminate your face.


        Start over

        Before bed, use ginkgo micellar water to remove pollution and makeup from your skin. Apply to cotton pads and gently wipe off your makeup. Sleep tight!


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