wakeup makeup: tricks to revive your look

wakeup makeup: tricks to revive your look

Who knows the feeling of crawling to the finish line after 2020? Some of us may be feeling like we're looking a little worse for wear. Thank goodness for quick makeup tricks to bring the spark back! It only takes a few quick steps to instantly revive your appearance. Here are the tricks to keep up your sleeve for when you want to look more awake...


freshen up your base
The first makeup product you can use to make you look as fresh as possible is a water-based foundation, such as our quinoa water foundation. Not only can it quickly hydrate parched skin, but the lightly-pigmented formula can even out your skin tone and cancel out any blotchiness without feeling heavy or cakey on your face. Yep, it feels like you’re barely wearing anything at all.


apply concealer
Want to nix the dark circles under your eyes and even out your complexion further? A creamy concealer, such as our arnica concealer, can do the trick. Your ring finger is the perfect tool to use here as it can lightly tap the product on top of your foundation without applying too much pressure. Or, use a concealer brush if you’re working around tighter areas like around your nose or lips.


add a pop of colour
When it comes to bringing your complexion to life, you really can’t go past some blush in a natural tone. Our tapioca cheek colour is a finely-milled powder that’s laced with tiny specks of shimmer to add a rosy touch *and* brighten up your complexion, however our carrot colour pots are also a good choice if you prefer creamy formulas. The best way to apply blush is to smile to identify the apples of your cheeks, then use a large fluffy brush to apply the product to the area in small circular motions.


don’t forget highlighter
Another way to instantly freshen up your appearance is with some highlighter. Our chamomile eye colour single in beautiful-gosia is a gorgeous pearlescent colour that can brighten up any area it touches when it catches the light. We highly recommend using a small pointed eyeshadow brush to apply some to the inner corners of your eyes, or with a flat fan brush to apply some along your cheekbones.


open up your eyes
They say your eyes are the windows to your soul, so it’s extra important to take the effort to address the area in order to look as fresh as possible. First things first - with our spectacular eyelash curler, press it as close to the base of your lash hairs as possible, hold for a few seconds, then let go to reveal curled lashes that can make your eyes appear larger. Then, follow with some avocado waterproof mascara to define your peepers and hold the curl of your lashes.