melt, glow & go!

melt, glow & go!

We make nourishing, juicy and luscious textures that melt easily into skin! Our multitaskers make life easier, simpler and more fun.


Cynthia tried our versatile carrot colour pots and vanilla highlighters that blend and melt into skin for illumination, sweet colour and that all-round natural glow. These two gems work as a beauty duo to answer so many of your makeup needs: blush, lipbalm, colour, eyeshadow, highlighter and more...


carrot colour pots have multitasking powers like no other! These coloured pots of goodness blend like balms, with the colour accents of a cream blush. You can apply them to your cheeks, eyelids and lips. This is a product that takes you from day to night and changes up your look in a few seconds. Fuss-free & no brushes needed. Melt into skin & you’re ready to go.  

vanilla highlighterare creamy and dreamy! With relaxing natural vanilla fragrance, the perfect texture to melt into skin and an added gorgeous illuminated sheen. We know this is the best cream highlighter around. For cheeks, browbones, lips and even as a contour over foundation. You can apply to moisturised clean skin, or as the final step in your makeup routine. Start highlighting and get the ultimate natural glow.