getting my groove on by putting my face on

getting my groove on by putting my face on

ethical blogger, Alena Turley, gets friendly with minimal makeup!


As a mum of three and all-round lady on a mission, I generally do not wear a lot of makeup. Well, actually, to be completely honest I don’t normally wear any! As my business grows (I’m an ethical lifestyle blogger since 2009 with the Soul Mamma blog, and a content marketing consultant) I’m being called more and more to put my face online. In order to build trust with readers and clients I’m required to show my face on social media, in videos and on video calls. On top of that I’m pushing 50 so even though I have a rock-solid organic skincare routine, the time has come for me to put just a tad more effort into my appearance.  


That’s where Ere Perez comes in. I’ve known about the brand for several years and have always had the utmost respect for it as an ethical cosmetic player in a very competitive industry. Honesty and transparency are rare in the mainstream cosmetic market and there are many that purport to be of the quality that Ere Perez in fact is.  


I gathered a few key pieces to get myself started: bronzer, cheek/lip colour, light powder and brush. It was important to start with the basics because I felt that if I went from wearing no makeup at all to really laying it on, not only would I feel self-conscious but also would be presenting myself very differently, which could come across as a bit not-really-me. I personally prefer to have a natural look and present myself honestly and without too much of a ‘mask’ anyway. 


The added bonus of having those three simple products to apply in the morning is that it made me take just a few moments to care for myself and my appearance before jumping in to the morning routine – one that usually is quite hectic and demanding. Getting three kids out the door can be challenging and it really helps to feel like I have put something in the tank in first rather than running on empty from the get-go.   


The flow on effect of self-care first thing, plus looking a bit more polished and stylish, is that when I do face my followers and clients on videos and calls I feel more confident. It’s a subtle but important shift. Incredible really, how just a few small brush strokes and a couple of minutes can actually have far-reaching and positive ramifications for how I feel throughout the day. I’ll be endeavouring to keep up this ritual and honouring myself. 



calendula powder foundation. rice powder blush & bronzer. carrot colour pot


by alena turley