move it or lose it

move it or lose it

Exercise is important all year round. It helps clear the mind, balance emotions and strengthens and tones our bodies. One reason people often give up an exercise routine is because the weather changes. You get used to exercising at a certain time of day and when the temperature suddenly heats up or cools down, it can throw us off…


WINTER – its harder in the winter to wake up early. It’s just so cold! Exercising after work or a busy day is less appealing when it gets dark earlier. SUMMER – excessive heat can make us less motivated to exercise. We have to be careful of sun exposure outside and also battle humidity and fatigue that sap our drive to exercise.


So how do we stay motivated?


It's hard when we have to wake up for a yoga class in the dark / get up extra early to beat the heat / find a new running track with streetlights / wear extra layers to morning bootcamp / give up our lunch time jog because it’s just too hot / wear a hat to walk on the beach


Our first response can be to just give up. It’s too hard. We lose the energy and inspiration to keep going. When you feel unmotivated, tired, and like you just can’t be bothered, here are some tricks to get your body moving again:


1. Rope in a friend

We all know that the pain of exercise is better shared! If you set a new routine and make exercise times & goals with a friend, you are twice as likely to stick to it. It’s easier to stay in bed when you don’t have to confess it to anyone! So, find an exercise buddy and motivate each other through the warmer/cooler month


2. Get creative

You might have to give up your favourite exercise time/activity due to time constraints – but this could be the perfect time to find something new you’ve never tried before. Investigate classes, a new style of pilates, boxing or cardio. Find special deals in your local area. Do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. When we let go of an old routine, we can find an even better one.


3. Supplemental fitness

Exercise doesn’t have to happen in a gym. There are so many ways we can incorporate healthy movement into our daily lives. Instead of driving to the café, walk. Do a dance class. Hire some bikes and go on an adventure. Sometimes the best exercise is the kind where you forget you’re even doing it.


4. Set goals

In the in between months, exercise can happen on its own. We easily fit it into our day without thinking to hard about it. When the weather turns – we need a reason to push ourselves, to feel uncomfortable, to give up warmth or aircon and other luxuries for an hour. Setting realistic and doable goals can help! Sign up for a fun-run, or a swim. Set a date in a calendar that you work towards.


5. Treat yourself

Bribery works with children, and it works with us too. Some days if you really don’t want to go out for that street-run or you feel like skipping yoga after work – give yourself a healthy reward after. Promise yourself you can stop by the café after and have your favourite raw café. Or how about meet a friend for dinner after? If you sandwich exercise before something you love, it might not feel so bad.


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