natural blush

natural blush

Genna Di Giovanna is a makeup artist based in New York. She lives a plant-based lifestyle and uses natural products in all aspects of her life, including beauty, health and clothing. It was an obvious choice for us to mesh this natural way of living with the use of natural cosmetics. She recently tried the Ere Perez skincare and makeup and was inspired to create this “natural look”.


EP_Blog_Banners_Genna2 “First things first, skincare. I used the Australian Blue Cypress Face Nectar on clean skin before any makeup is applied. I really love the way this hydrates the skin. I used this first to get the skin looking lush and dewy. After that I used the Quinoa Water foundation - Haze. This foundation is super light. If you’re the type of person that prefers a sheer foundation, I highly recommend this one.


Next up, the Arnica Concealer - Latte. This everyday concealer blends nicely into the skin. For my cheeks the Carrot Colour Pot - Harmony pot gave me just enough colour for a natural blush look.


EP_Blog_Banners_Genna3 I wanted to add a little something to the eyes so I went with the Chamomile Eye Palette in "Beautiful". These earthy tones and pigment of the palette really brought out the colour in my eyes. I lined my lower lash line with the darkest shade then blended it for a softened look.


Avocado what!? I love food dishes with avocado so I knew I’d love this Avocado Waterproof Mascara. It strengthens the lashes while giving them volume.


Lastly I filled in my brows with the Almond Brow Pencil and blended them through with the brush on the end.”


EP_Blog_Banners_Genna4 Article by Genna DiGiovanna: Web, Instagram


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