natural makeup base, light enough for working out

natural makeup base, light enough for working out

Lilian Dikmans is an Australian model, actress and Muay Thai fighter at a professional level. She is also the founder of popular blog ‘Real Food Healthy Body’, launched in 2013, where she shares her tips for healthy food, fitness and beauty.


“Most days, I want my skin to look fresh, clear, and like I’m not wearing any makeup. Of course this starts with good skincare. But if you want to give yourself a little boost, this quick natural makeup base is my everyday solution.


When I want my face to look and feel super-natural, I leave out cream-based foundations. That’s what I’ve done here. The result is so light that you could wear it while working out if you wanted to.


I’m a big believer that it’s important to use cosmetics that are also good for your skin. I think it’s worth the investment as it helps to ensure that your skin remains in good condition over time. I used cosmetics to get this look. The products are all natural and I find that they work well on my skin.


Natural makeup base in four easy steps:

1. Ere Perez Australian Blue Cypress Face Nectar. It’s a light-weight, balancing oil that gives you a dewy complexion without looking oily.
2. Natural Arnica Concealer, which I have Calendula Powder over my whole face. It helps to smooth over any imperfections and absorb any excess oil without clogging pores. And it still allows your skin to breathe. I use the ‘Medium’ colour for my skin tone.
3. Natural Almond Brow Pencil to tame by brows, which can get a little crazy. I use the pencil to lightly fill in any gaps, then the handy brush on the lid to brush my brows upwards. This helps to make the eye area look more ‘awake’.


    EP_Blog_WorkoutMakeup_2 That’s it. It’s pretty simple and takes less than two minutes. You could follow up with some mascara to define your eyes or just leave them for an ultra-natural look."


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