wishing on a star with quinoa

wishing on a star with quinoa

What are we feeling grateful for? The simple things in life. A night sky full of stars. Making a wish. Taking a break in the day to breathe and re-set. Stretching. Appreciating the view out the window. Here’s to the small things that make a big difference! Like discovering a natural liquid foundation you can rely on.


This week we expanded our beloved family of quinoa water foundations and what’s better than finding a shade that really suits you? The 6 shades are amazingly versatile and match a wide variety of complexions and suit different skin tones.


That’s the beauty of this nourishing water-based foundation. It glides on, is lightweight and melts into skin to give a fresh matte finish that settles to match your exact skin tone. We are so thrilled with these newbie shades, and of course the 3 originals you know and love. You can apply with our eco vegan multipurpose brush for dreamy results.  


what's good about quinoa for skin? Quinoa is a ‘super grain’ rich in antioxidants. Quinoa is brimming with vitamin B, E and A –considered particularly effective in reducing fine lines, treating pigmentation and maintaining a healthy and youthful complexion.


Dionne trialled a new shade, ‘noon’ and her smile says it all.    


prep skin: quandong green booster serum  
smooth your complexion: quinoa water foundation – noon.  
love lashes: natural almond mascara - black  
highlight angles: vanilla highlighter - falling star  
hydrate lips: wild pansy tinted lip bar - wish