neutral palette

neutral palette

You know what we’re about – makeup that lets your natural beauty shine!


At Ere Perez we want YOU to be the focus, not the products. It’s all about enhancing what you already have, rather than covering over. That’s why our range is full of classic, natural makeup that will highlight all that is unique and beautiful about you. We have just launched our brilliant cacao lip colours. We’re so excited! Your lips will love them. Here’s a look that’s a little bit skin prep & a little bit makeup. The best way to start your day...


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What you need

 australian blue cypress face nectar
 papaya sos skin marmalade
 arnica concealer – chai
 natural almond mascara – brown
 chamomile eye palette – lovely
 jojoba eye pencil – earth
 almond brow pencil – perfect
 cacao lip colour – sway


    How to

    1. For fantastic skin, after cleansing nourish with australian blue cypress nectar. A few botanical drops applied to the face and gently massaged in will give you a natural glow.
    2. Papaya SOS marmalade is great for any skin irritation, redness, scarring, rough patches or skin that needs to heal. Dab a little onto chosen area and blend in.



      1. To freshen up under the eyes or over blemishes, apply arnica concealer – chai with our eco vegan lip & conceal brush. Blend well.
      2. Frame the eyes with jojoba eye pencil – earth. Draw a line on the top and bottom lashline.
      3. Follow with chamomile eye palette – lovely. Pick your favourite colour and blend into eyelids with our eco vegan line & blend eye brush.
      4. Tidy brows with almond brow pencil – perfect, by filling in any gaps.
      5. Natural almond mascara – brown give a conditioning gloss to lashes.
      6. Cacao lip colour – sway is the perfect finishing touch for moisturised lips and subtle colour!


        Look by Agathe Verdier, Photography Hiram Martinez, Model Odile from France.


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