new york, we love you!

new york, we love you!

My brand is one of my greatest loves. Beginning in Bondi, it has grown and expanded all the way to New York! We recently travelled to the Big Apple with my family and team of amazing people who put so much love and passion into Ere Perez.


ep_social_banners_indieexpo6 We met incredible people, trained our new distributors and exhibited our hearts out to thousands of people. For a small brand that began in Australia, we have loved the journey of sharing our products with people all over the world.


Expanding to the US was a highlight of 2018. Seeing people discover our products, learn about the brand and explore our makeup & skincare made me so happy!


ep_social_banners_indieexpo7 The atmosphere was so fun & vibrant!


The 2018 Indie Beauty Expo was our first time showing our products at an international event, and we were humbled by the amazing positivity and feedback.


ep_social_banners_indieexpo4 When we were announced 2018 Consumer Favourite, it was a very special moment for me and the entire team, plus my husband Juan who is as devoted to the brand as I am. To be acknowledged for our natural & cruelty-free range – this really meant the world to me.


ep_social_banners_indieexpo2 Our much-loved Beetroot Cheek & Lip Tint also took home an award - Best Color Cosmetics. Even my three young kids were excited by the news!


ep_social_banners_indieexpo3 In NYC we visited some of our retailers - they are all gorgeous! We are thrilled to now have many retailers in the US.


ep_social_banners_retailersep_social_banners_retailers2ep_social_banners_retailers3 We describe our brand as Australian, where it was born, with these values: minimalist, sustainable and inspired by nature and the freedom of wide-open spaces & beaches. It also has a dash of Mexican passion, herbal wisdom and good vibes, because those are my roots. Our team is incredible in every way and our professional extended Ere Perez family includes people from Australia, Mexico, Colombia, UK and France. We are all about culture, vibrancy and global connections - what a party!


We add our unique flair to everything we do. This is a shout out to all our friends and fans who have been with us, and to the newbies who are just discovering that natural is the best way… We can’t wait to be a part of your best daily skincare rituals. We are just getting started on all the plant-based gorgeous botanical delectable vibrant vivacious luxurious skincare potions, lotions and makeup trend-setters we have for you. It’s a whole lot of fun helping you discover your unique radiance… thank you for all your support.


Love Ere X


Where to find us instore in New York:

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    Coming soon in February... Anthropologie 


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