no reason to be perfect

no reason to be perfect

Rebekah Lidstone is a professional Makeup artist working in the fashion/celebrity industry. She's inspired by making her clients feel their most beautiful selves, not through makeup but by being enough with or without it. Focusing on nourishing the skin with natural products and face massage. 


“The reasons I enjoy making people up come from the reactions of my clients... To draw out their inner beauty. I honestly believe everyone is just as beautiful without makeup, I never want to take away the things that make us who we are. Like freckles and beauty spots, even scars are beautiful. They tell a story of our life and I like to work with products that embody this feeling.


Skincare is the core of my makeup style, I'd rather spend 10 minutes massaging in Australian blue cypress face nectar to show the skin love and work away any puffiness, dehydration, tiredness with moisture and kind ingredients. Then the skin is actually fresher and happier rather than feeling the need to use a lot of makeup to create the appearance of youth.


EP_Blog_Banner_Perfect2 The quinoa water foundation is a gorgeous texture that enhances the Complexion, works with the light and feels soft and breathable on the skin.


I'm Also a huge fan of beetroot cheek & lip tint. It's the perfect buildable red. It doesn't rub off and will keep your lips looking Berry red and beautiful. With no nasty chemicals! I Recommend this product all the time.


I personally like walking the line between natural wildness, and polished clean beauty. Ere Perez is perfect for this.”


EP_Blog_Banner_Perfect4 Article by Rebekah Lidstone: Instagram. Photography Credit Sam Robinson.


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