plant love

plant love

Many of us live in cities and for all the buzz, hustle and bustle, creativity, excitement, opportunities that come with that, there are some downsides too. Stress, pollution, traffic, constant noise, confined spaces can all wear down our natural immunity and inner resources. It’s a jungle out there!


One of the best remedies for creating a calm and nurturing home environment is to bring the jungle inside… a real one. The recent trend of greening indoor spaces has really taken off and there are so many benefits.


Plants are naturally tranquil and calming.


The routine of watering plants, looking after them, caring for little green shoots makes us feel more connected to ourselves and to natures. It just does.


Some plants are detoxifying for our homes. Plants like devil’s ivy, boston fern, peace lily, spider plant and snake plant actually purify the air we breathe. Isn’t that great?


If you can’t partake in the Japanese practice of forest-bathing or shinrin-yoku, you can at least nestle in with your own little plant friends, absorb their greenness and watch them grow. We have to take nature any way we find it.


Helping children to grow plants can teach them about life cycles and the environment.


Succulents are a revolution because they are beautiful, and also – so low maintenance. If you don’t have time to water or monitor your plants, succulents can pretty much take care of themselves and only need an occasional sprinkle of water.


Using our small spaces for edible plants like herbs, chilies, salad greens or a tomato plants is an amazing way to connect to the food you eat.


We see so much metal and concrete in a day, coming home to organic shapes, vibrant green leaves and happy houseplants is very helpful in restoring balance to our busy minds and helping us unwind. I have fifty-four plants in my apartment, and counting…


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