play with pencils!

play with pencils!

As adults, our opportunity for creativity and play can feel limited. We work hard, we pick up kids from school, we study, commute, sit at computer screens, shop for food, do laundry… the list is endless. Finding small moments in our daily lives that are playful + fun make a big difference! Any kind of expression – painting, drawing, watercolours, dancing, the clothes we wear, gardening, baking or crochet – can help us find a little joy.


Makeup is the same; makeup is all about self-expression. Colour, texture, brushes… it’s a little like painting our faces, right? Our range of pencils for lips and eyes are fun, quirky, and colourful. Drawing lines, blending with fingers, it might be the only bit of creativity we get today – but we’ll take it! Explore for yourself and look out for all the tiny ways you can add ‘play’ into your life!



Look#1 – Sesame lip liner, Brow pencil and Eye pencil FOREST


    1. Cleanse and moisturise your skin.
    2. For blemishes, redness, dark circles under eyes: apply arnica concealer – honey with eco vegan lip & conceal brush.
    3. Smooth your complexion with quinoa water foundation – haze. Use our eco vegan multipurpose brush.
    4. Add natural colour to cheeks and eyelid by applying rice powder blush & bronzer – roma with eco vegan blush & bronze brush.
    5. Time to play with pencils!


    ◦ Frame your eyes with gorgeous green jojoba eye pencil – forest, applied to top and bottom lash lines.

    ◦ For perfect brows, use almond brow pencil – perfect. Play at filling in any gaps. Then tame hairs with the inbuilt brush!

    ◦ Outline lips with subtle sesame lip liner – sweet.


    6. A touch of vanilla highlighter – falling star to brow bones and cheekbones and some natural almond mascara – black to the lashes for the finishing touch.

      Look #2 – Eye pencil GOLD


      Get festive! Apply jojoba eye pencil – gold to the eyelid, blend with fingers for lovely shimmer.


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