Clever lip to cheek action with Ere Perez

Clever lip to cheek action with Ere Perez

When it comes to being an eco-beauty, multi-use products filled with naturally nourishing ingredients are where it’s at! This is why I absolutely LOVE Ere Perez’s Clever Carrot Cheek & Lip Balms! These compacts are perfect for creating instantly luscious lips or glowing cheeks the natural way.


These clever little compacts bursting with gorgeous colour are an absolute must have for all those natural beauties who don’t want to sacrifice their health or the health of the environment in the name of looking good. With Ere Perez’s Clever Carrot Cheek & Lip Balms you can look good and feel great with a clean, green conscience. Sound good? Read on to find out more!


5 reasons to love Ere Perez clever carrot cheek & lip balms


1. Nourishing ingredients

Like all Ere Perez products you can count on only the best natural, organic, vegan, eco-friendly and cruelty-free ingredients! Like the name suggests, these clever balms harness the goodness of carrots to colour and prevent sun damage. Combine this with nourishing avocado and olive oils and the anti-oxidising properties of Vitamin E and you have a recipe for super soft, hydrated skin cheeks and lips.


2. Multi-use

If you love yourself and the environment, you’ve probably already figured out that less is more! Multi-use products are the perfect way to live this motto - why have two products when you can combine them into one? With these clever little compacts you have luscious lips and dewy cheeks covered. Not only will you be saving the environment and your money, you can also lighten the load in your cosmetics bag!


3. Great colour options

The Ere Perez Clever Carrot Cheek & Lip Balms have all skin tones and seasons covered with four gorgeous shades to mix and match...

◦ Healthy - creamy, light tan colour, perfect for a ‘healthy’ daytime glow.
◦ Happy - creamy crimson is a beautiful rich blush, gorgeous for darker skin.
◦ Holy - the perfect plum blush for cooler months or fairer skin.
◦ Harmless - a soft, sweet pink for the fairer beauties.


    4. Fuss free application

    Adding vibrant, dewy colour to your cheeks and lips is literally at your fingertips! No messy application or complicated brush techniques required - I love using these clever compacts to brighten up my face on the run without any fuss!


    5. Waterproof

    If you’re active, sporty or just loving getting wet, a waterproof product is a lifesaver. Being a beach beauty I love knowing that I can dive into the ocean and come out looking just as good as when I went in with these Clever Carrot Cheek & Lip Balms.  


    How to apply Ere Perez’s Clever Carrot Cheek & Lip Balms like a pro:

    With a product this simple, there’s no need for sneaky tips or tricks! Just keep in mind that the balms are tints, so the colour looks lighter on the skin than it appears in the compact.

    1. Simply dip your finger in.
    2. And smooth over skin to add vibrant, dewy colour to your cheeks and lips.


      It’s really that easy! Enjoy colouring it up from lip to cheek beauties!


      Photographer: Mitch Hay -


      Model: Jasmine Bernard.


      Makeup: Depths of Beauty -


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