Pro Pick: Corn Powder Power with Ere Perez

Pro Pick: Corn Powder Power with Ere Perez

Have you ever got half way through the day and almost been blinded by your own shine in the mirror? Then chances are you don’t have any of Ere Perez’s Translucent Corn Perfecting Powder in your hot little hands!


It’s not too late! Whether using it in the morning to set your makeup or as a touch up during the day to control shine, Ere Perez has you covered with all natural corn powder power! It’s also vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly, so you know you’re taking care of both that gorgeous skin you’re in and also the planet.


Why corn?

Did you know that corn oil is a rich source of vitamin E?


Ere Perez does! Not only does Vitamin E have the basic antioxidant properties we need to keep our skin healthy, it also works to block free radicals which can reduce wrinkles and keep the skin looking young and fresh. And just in case you were wondering (and you should be!), Ere Perez’s corn powder is non-GMO, so you know you’re getting all the best that nature has to offer without any nasty interference.


Add to this some beautiful mineral pigments and native rice starch to absorb impurities and oil and you have the recipe for a radiant, shine-free complexion!


What’s translucent powder used for?

Translucent powder is an absolute lifesaver, particularly in warmer months! Regardless of your skin type, your skin cells naturally secrete more oil as the temperature rises. This is wonderful for naturally nourishing and protecting the skin, but it doesn’t mean you have to walk around looking like an oil slick!


Ere Perez’s Translucent Corn Perfecting Powder is an ultra-light face powder used to set makeup, control shine and achieve the perfect matte finish.


It’s also a multi-use product, so you’re getting more for your money! Use it alone to avoid shine; over eyeshadow and lipstick to extend wear; or as an all over foundation finisher.


How to apply translucent powder like a pro!

1. Apply to clean, uncovered skin for shine control or at the end of makeup application to set the entire face.
2. For an even, flawless application and optimum coverage, use Ere Perez’s Eco Vegan Kabuki Brush to apply.
3. Swirl the brush over the compact to collect the powder and tap lightly to remove any excess before applying to the face.
4. Using a wide, sweeping motion apply to entire face, dusting gently to achieve a perfectly flawless, matte finish.


    Model: Sophie Raper @ Astrid & Atticus


    Makeup & Photography: Emmily Banks, Depths of beauty


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