quick natural pick-me-up

quick natural pick-me-up

Going from zero to makeup hero is easier than you think. Here’s a 4-step natural makeup look you can pull off in only a few minutes that gives some wow to drab-feeling skin.


Spending a lot of time at home these days, we don’t have as many reasons to dress up and put on a full face of makeup. But there’s nothing wrong with wearing our favourite pair of jeans, styling our hair as we used to or popping on some makeup, even if it’s just for us! Some days, doing a quick skin freshen up can improve our mood, add confidence for zoom calls and when we go out into the world – even if it’s behind a mask.


With these 4 natural beauties you can lift your look…


#1 quinoa water foundation – rise
Amazing natural foundation with nourishing quinoa. Matte finish and light-medium coverage.


#2 rice powder bronzer– tulum
All time best natural bronzer! Apply to cheeks as a bronzer and as a golden-bronze eyeshadow that brings out your natural eye colour.


 #3 natural almond mascara – black

Coat your lashes naturally with a layer of black gloss


#4 mango lip honey – chilli
Ultra-hydrating luscious gloss in a spicy neutral colour.