rachael finch going cruelty-free, toxin-free and face wash-free

rachael finch going cruelty-free, toxin-free and face wash-free

Model, wife, mum and wellness advocate, Rachael Finch is no stranger to the health and wellness world. Health and fitness are two things Rachael is incredibly passionate about. She loves sharing her workouts, recipes and daily routines with her followers, with rather gorgeous cameos from her two children.


The former Miss Universe shares how she keeps her skin fit and glowing, just like she does her body. And like her natural inner beauty routine and diet, Rachael likes to give her skin the toxin free treatment too. She even invested in a sauna for her home.


“When I put the kids into bed, I can hop in and wind down. I use infrared mainly to detoxify and cleanse my body from heavy metals and toxins. It’s incredibly relaxing, helps my muscles repair faster after training and improves the quality of my sleep.” What’s not to love?


The 31-year-old recently made a controversial statement regarding her daily skincare routine.


“I don’t cleanse anymore! It’s been something I’ve been trialling for the past couple of months and it’s worked wonders on my skin.”


Rachael’s routine has been stripped back to the basics. Using micellar water, followed by her favourite facial oils or moisturiser. “Cleansing and exfoliating felt so drying on my skin, so I just take my makeup off with Gingko Micellar Water and moisturise morning and night.”


Micellar water might not already be a part of your everyday routine. Most of us use micellar water to remove the remaining remnants of makeup after our favourite face wash, or to prep our skin before applying serums or oils. The Ere Perez Ginkgo Micellar Water is not only a great daily cleanser but it’s the perfect way to balance, boost the skin with antioxidants and hydrate at the same time.


Describing her skin as sensitive and dry, Rachael pays extra attention to her skincare routine when travelling.


“When I fly too much, my skin gets quite dry, so I try to combat it inflight by using Ere Perez Moringa All Beauty Crème and I wrap a scarf over my nose and face!” Hydrate, renew and replenishing skin is important, particularly on long board flights. The scarf acts as a therapeutic cocoon for your face to absorb the nutrients from the crème. Be sure to drink plenty of water too.


We love when natural ingredients help our skin, even in its more natural form. Recently, Rachael has been playing in her kitchen, experimenting with natural face mask recipes, made with 100% food.


“Last week I tried one with sweet potato flour and some other goodies. It was weird but so rejuvenating, and I love seeing what great results real food can have topically.”


We share one of our anti-ageing favourites here on our blog: Argan oil gives the face a youthful glow, reduces shines of ageing and restores elasticity in the skin. Protein-rich avocado reduces pigmentation and hydrates.


Masks and treatments can be applied to our skin weekly or a couple of times a week, depending on our concerns at the time. “I love Ere Perez Australian Blue Cypress Face Nectar. My Sunday night ritual consists of an extra layer of face serum.”


The Australian Blue Cypress Face Nectar is jam-packed with powerful botanical oils which assists with dehydrated, tired ageing skin and develops radiant, healthy and radiant complexion.


Rachael also loves Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics makeup, “My absolute favourite makeup brand is Ere Perez for concealer and colour. I love their ethos, non-toxic, cruelty-free, and great for the environment. The Carrot Colour Pot in Healthy is the perfect mix of peachy and pink tones, and the Vanilla Highlighter is my go-to for the high points of my face."


You can follow Rachael Finch and her wellness journey on Instagram @rachael_finch.


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