reuse and recycle

reuse and recycle

Working for a company that is focused on making more ethical & sustainable products has made me aware about issues of recycling, plastic and waste. It’s something I notice in the office, when I am shopping and also – at home.


Ere Perez has inspired me to try to use less plastic on a daily basis, to take my own bags to the shops & be conscious when choosing which brands to support with my money. All of this led to me doing some research about recycling in Australia…


Australia’s waste industry is in crisis. China’s sudden decision to stop importing waste material for recycling has changed the economics of recycling markets in Australia. India and Malaysia have followed China’s lead. This means Australia has lost 1/3 of the export for recycling, and the government is trying to figure out what to do with all that rubbish. The Australian Council of Recycling has warned that some councils and recycling firms have been pushed to send their kerbside recycling to landfill; recycling is “greatly under threat”.  


This is a big reminder for all of us to pay attention to our waste. What we buy, use and throw away has an impact. As always, we can try to minimise our plastic, packaging & wastage so less goes into the rubbish bins and the recycling bins.


Some tips I try to stick to are:

◦ Always take reusable bags shopping
◦ Say no to single-use plastic!
◦ Coffee cups are NOT recyclable, take your reusable cup to the café
◦ Read online instead of print, if you can
◦ Print double-sided in the office
◦ Set up recycling stations at work if there are none!
◦ Use beeswax wraps instead of plastic wrap
◦ Talk to your friends and family about these issues affecting our planet


    There are so many ways we can contribute to cleaner oceans and greener environments, the change starts with us, in our daily lives.


    Extra info: ** ways to improve the quality of the recycling and reduce waste: click here.


    Photography by Hiram Martinez at The Tin Pin Bakery and The Health Emporium.


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