rice powder blush & bronzers

rice powder blush & bronzers

healthy colour for everyone

Our new and updated rice powder blush & bronzers are here!


Discover Tulum and Roma, 2 super fine-textured pressed powders that allow the skin to breathe.



rice powder bronzer - tulum

best natural bronzer ever


There is only one ultimate bronzer and this is it! Pressed powder made with rice for best natural colour and a healthy glow. Superfine, smooth texture that adheres to the face and allows the skin to breathe. Can be layered and worn on a fresh face or over foundation. Completes your look in the day and glistens at night. This bronzer gives you healthy looking skin all year round. A versatile colour duo that suits many makeup styles and complexions – everybody needs this bronzer.


Apply with our Eco Vegan Blush & Bronze Brush.



rice powder blush & bronzer - roma


healthy colour for everyone

Pressed rice powder blush & bronzer for everyone! Made with non-GMO rice for a silken texture that blends beautifully on clean skin or over foundation. Universal duo shades that suits all complexions, adding healthy natural colour to your face. A multitasking powder to apply as a contour, eyeshadow, lip colour and all over the face to even skin tone. Breathable formula that doesn’t clog pores and even helps to absorb impurities. One of our most-loved products, packaged in a sleek compact.


Best applied with our Eco Vegan Blush & Bronze Brush.



How to apply

1. Our natural powders can be worn on a clean face or over foundation.
2. To apply, take the Ere Perez eco vegan blush & bronze brush and swish over both sides of the colour palette. This will give a perfect blend of natural colour.
3. Shake off excess powder before applying to the cheeks.
4. Next, add the coloured powder to other areas such as the eyelids, forehead, chin. Use careful application here for a subtle look.
5. These powders are made to be layered – you may like one application or more, depending on your look.


    Tulum: previously 'bronze tones', Roma: previously 'my blush'.


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