rituals for travel

rituals for travel

Emmie Rae is a yoga teacher, writer & rest advisor who believes the first step in creating a life that lights you up is by first learning how to create a daily practice of rest & relaxation. She shares with us her essential in-flight beauty tips…


"So there are people who can fly halfway across the world on a redeye flight and walk off the plane looking exactly the same as when they walked on.


I am not one of these people.


Last year I did a lot of international, long haul travel. In an attempt to leave that plane even remotely resembling what I looked (and felt) like when I got on, I researched, experimented and carefully devised a routine, a ritual, a set of easy to follow, light to pack in the carry-on steps. And guess what;


It works.


1. Take the makeup off. ALL of it.

Just do it. And no, you don’t have to walk around departures totally make-up free, scared you’ll bump into an ex. This is what you do. Soak a couple of cotton pads well in ginkgo micellar water. Store in small ziplock pouch. Wipe everything off once you get to the safety of your seat. You will be amazed at the difference this makes.



2. Drink all of the water. Then drink some more.

Even if you’re scared of the airplane bathrooms (just me, okay cool.) Moisturise. Spritz the herbal face tonic with abandon.


3. Try to enjoy the long stretch of time available to do nothing

I’m serious. It’s a rare thing (and it’s really good for you!) Try to resist the in-flight wifi temptation. Let this be a time for disconnection. Read. Listen to a meditation app or inspiring podcast. And sure, binge on Gossip Girl. Get up every hour and walk around, do some side stretches and lunges in the aisle (Yes! Be that person!) to keep everything moving and reduce puffiness on the other side.


4. Prepare for arrival.

Okay so half the fun of travel is daydreaming about it before you arrive, right? And in my daydreams I do not stumble into Paris Charles de Gaulle or Tokyo Narita airport with five new pimples and mascara running down my face, so here’s where it gets serious, but pared back, because nothing screams dehydrated under slept skin like full coverage makeup after a long flight. Spritz and moisturise again. Gently press cranberry lip & eye butter around the eyes for that I’ve had more than 30 minutes sleep feeling. Curl lashes and apply clear aloe mascara to lashes and brows to lengthen and tidy. Use a carrot colour pot for subtle lip and cheek colour (I love 'happy' for this) and a little vanilla highlighter to make everything look brighter and more alive.  But most importantly:


5. Have the best time ever!

No matter what, you look amazing."


EP_Blog_Banners_TravelRituals3 Article by Emmie Rae: website: emmierae.com, social: @thedailyrest 


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