self-care at work

self-care at work

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"Work hard, care hard. Can that be a thing?"


Sometimes we get so caught up in our work that we neglect our mental health and well being. Over the years, I have learned how important it is to give myself a break and take care of myself. I have implemented little things into my daily routine to make sure I am taking care of myself -- while staying as efficient as possible when it comes to working on my business.


Here are some little things that you can add into your daily work routine to help you stay focused and relaxed at the same time.


1. Bring your essential oil diffuser

Make sure you check with your neighbors to make sure they don't mind, but this is a great alternative to a candle. Especially because different essential oils have different purposes and you can choose a specific scent to target how you're feeling. For example, Lavender and Camomile can help calm anxiety, and Peppermint and Lemon essential oils can help you to focus.


2. Keep your workspace clean.

Like I said, I typically work from home. Every morning before I get to work, I clean my work space to get rid of any distractions. I have a hard time working when things are messy.  I am more productive when my desk is organized, and this is something you can do no matter where your workspace may be. (If you're really smart, you can straighten up at the end of the day so you can skip this step in the morning.)


3. Listen to music that encourages focus.

I don't like to work in silence and I also don't like to work with too many noises to distract me. My favorite playlist on Spotify to listen to while I work is called "Deep Focus". This playlist drowns out any distracting noises and encourages focus.


4. Take breaks.

As a writer, I sometimes experience writer's block. There are almost always times were my brain just feels like mush and I need to take a step back from my computer to give myself a break.  This can happen to anyone working on a problem or assignment for too long. If you are ever feeling burned out at work, be sure to step away to give yourself a break. Eat an energizing snack, stretch, go work out, or do something to take your mind off of what you are struggling with at work.  Getting some distance will help you refresh and recharge before getting back into the work grind.


5. Stay hydrated.

Because I spend so much time behind a computer screen (editing, writing, etc.), sometimes I forget to even drink water. I get headaches sometimes and start to blame the computer screen, and then I realize it's been quite a while since I have had a glass of water. Be sure to always keep some at your desk and stay hydrated! Being hydrated can help you stay focused too.


6. Keep a facial spray at your desk. 

"It's important to refresh your skin throughout the day too! It's a quick and easy pick-me up, I love keeping different facial sprays at my desk."


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