snack healthy

snack healthy

For most of us, making healthy meals three times a day is a priority. Even when we are busy, we try to focus on healthy ingredients. It’s the snacks that get us! These days it is so easy to reach for junk food. It’s at the checkout at supermarkets, there are many fast food joints on every street, and we are feeling stressed or emotional – we often reach for chocolate, ice cream, cookies, crisps or something that we think will provide comfort.


Unfortunately, even if it tastes delicious, eating too much of these kinds of food isn’t good for our bodies or our moods. Unhealthy snacks are loaded with sugar, salt and bad fats. Once the initial high is over, our energy crashes, our skin breaks out, we can feel grumpy and bloated. Science shows that the more junk food we eat, because of the high sugar and salt content, the more we crave them. It’s a tricky cycle to break!


To beat these kinds of mood swings, it’s best to reach for healthier snacks.


Eating healthy can be a chore. It means being organised, looking into food preparation, and perhaps taking snacks with us to fuel us throughout the day. Especially if we know that where we work or play, the snacks on offer are more like donuts that almonds. When you switch to healthier snacks though, you will feel the difference.


Healthy snacking like fruit, vegetables, raw cakes, dried fruit or nuts, can boost our metabolism, reduce sugar cravings, assist with improving skin, provide lasting energy and help with a balanced weight. All the good things! 3pm is a notorious time for craving a snack. Often, we are tired, slumped at our desks at work, running after kids, or just ready for the day to be over. Instead of a handful of biscuits, try a handful of brazil nuts. Instead of popping open a can of coke, get a healthy fresh juice. Say no to the cake in the kitchen and eat a banana or two.


Of course, it’s good to treat ourselves occasionally, but when you leave these kinds of snacks for special occasions, you really enjoy it so much more! We can’t be perfect, but aiming for moderation and eating as fresh as we can is the way to glowing skin, a calm mind and a healthy lifestyle.


Some of our favourite snacks include:

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◦ The Original Smoothie Bombs: smoothie boosters for busy families, by nutritionist Cinzia Cozzolino: Instagram, Web.


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