SOS marmalade, ultimate skin rescue

SOS marmalade, ultimate skin rescue

What is it?

Introducing the ultimate solve-all salve for your skin. Papaya SOS marmalade is our new skin recovery remedy that utilises the properties of fermented papaya to help your skin to heal. This pot of goodness also delivers a fruity cocktail of coconut, hemp, chia and grapefruit oil with the essential antioxidants, vitamins and omegas essential for skin repair. An all-in-one remedy rich in zinc, magnesium & potassium with calendula to calm inflammation.


What’s it for?

No matter who you are – your skin freaks out. Not all the time, but once in a while we all get a spot of dry skin, a little scrape or reactions from enjoying time outdoors. We wanted to make a natural skin healer to help with all of that, something multi-purpose that could be applied to the face & body. We went one better – you can even apply this SOS marmalade to your hair! For cracked skin, dry patches, scratches, insect bites, this soothing non-greasy formula works on hands, feet, knees and elbows. It can be used on nails & cuticles, scars, bumps & bruises and the effects of weather on skin. As a hair treatment, it can be applied to nourish dry ends. 



Tell me more!

Papaya SOS marmalade melts easily into skin and provides a protective layer while the naturally nourishing ingredients work to heal and assist skin recovery. We know you love to be busy, to get active and explore the world – this travel companion is for all of your adventures, no matter how big or small. We all have one for life-on-the-go and a pot at home to nurture our skin after a long day. Friendly to sensitive skins and kids.


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