the beautiful life

the beautiful life

Two lovers & a kombi: Elise Cook talks road tripping, eco-living and making the switch to all natural products. A glimpse into the life of conscious gypsy Elise Cook and her journey to making mindful choices, from the middle of nowhere!


Elise Cook is a nomadic wanderer. She has spent the past two years living on the road travelling Australia with her husband, Dom, and trusty 1972 classic Kombi van, Scout (who’s story made us cry). Before Scout was Elise and Dom’s, he was home to a family who raised their children while traveling the world in the van. When the original owner’s wife passed away, he entrusted his precious Kombi to the most fitting owners, Elise and Dom. As well as travelling Australia, the nomadic pair run Down The Rabbit Hole Wines – selling the highest quality organic and bio-dynamic wines.  They also use their platform to promote their passion for sustainability, being eco-conscious, treading lightly, and exploring true natural beauty. True examples of how living from the heart can lead you to some magical places.




    Model Elise Cook: Learn more about this conscious nomadic beauty here: Web, Instagram.


    Photograph and makeup by Emmily Banks, Depths of Beauty: Instagram


    Words by Kirsty Fleming.