the bronze effect

the bronze effect

Holiday season is all about festivities… there’s a lot to celebrate and we couldn’t be happier with our soon-to-be RICE POWDER BLUSH & BRONZERS! Just in time for all your gatherings, parties and holiday fun, new and updated rice powder bronzers will be in stock early next week: we know you’ve been waiting for these little gems. Super fine-textured pressed powder that allows the skin to breathe. Also keep a look out for our brilliant blushes in BONDI BLUSH (peach & coral) SOHO (luxurious pastels) and BROOKLYN (deep blush duo).


We’ve used rice powder – TULUM to create Hattie’s all-over golden glow. These powders can be worn over foundation or on their own… For a healthy natural skin glow all year round! TULUM is for straight-up bronzing. ROMA is a more delicate shade, worn all over the face for a healthy skin glow.


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Rice powder – TULUM

1. Cleanse and moisturise your face.
2. Once dry, apply arnica concealer under the eyes, over any blemishes, along the bridge of the nose and the chin. Blend into skin with the eco vegan multipurpose brush.
3. Take the rice powder in hand. Dip the eco vegan blush & bronze brush into the powder. Shake off excess.
4. Apply in light dabs to the high cheeks. Blend well
5. TULUM can also be applied lightly to the eyes to give a hint of colour.
6. You can apply more layers for your desired bronze effect.


    Rice powder – ROMA

    If you have lighter skin than featured here, ROMA could be the colour for you. If you have blue undertones / freckles, porcelain skin, this is a perfect natural healthy colour in a universal colour duo.


    1. Apply similarly as described above.
    2. In addition, ROMA works all over the face. You dab the powder on the cheeks, chin, eyelids, down the nose and the forehead and BLEND BLEND BLEND. This powder can be applied in a 1 layer or 2 – 3.
    3. See how healthy and glowing your complexion is now!


      TO ADD more colour to your eyes, check out our new chamomile eye palettes in BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS, LOVELY and PRETTY. Glowing skin and defined eyes are a perfect match.


      Model: Hattie from England. Makeup by Agathe Verdier, photography by Hiram Martinez.


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