the glowiest of glowy skin

the glowiest of glowy skin

According to Felicity Evans “an extraordinary life starts with extraordinary health”. As an alchemist and creator, in love with the healing powers of fermented probiotic products, she founded ‘Imbibe Living’.


Read about her here, and her tips to glowy skin for everyone.


“You know that glow that just turns heads?  It’s as if some women literally are lit up from within and their skin seems to sparkle in the sunshine.


Maybe you’ve tried everything like avocado masks, raw honey treatments, and dry brushing, but still that sparkle is not quite sparkly enough?


You might be eating all the right foods, guzzling down green juices and drinking apple cider vinegar, but still, there’s a missing piece.


I’m all for gorgeous natural skin care and make up that enhances your beautiful self – but to get truly glowy, you need to have a rounded 360 degree view of getting your glow on, and that is where your gut comes in.


Your gut is home to trillions (yep, TRILLIONS) of living bacteria (good and bad) that weigh around 2-3kg.


These friendly little guys are so helpful – they create and synthesise hormone production and delivery, form 80% of your immunity, help keep you happy by creating serotonin, the “happy hormone”, digest what you throw at it, and also remove toxins from your body


Really, we should be thanking our beautiful bacteria more. I know, sounds strange right?  That good skin begins in your guts?


Let me break it down for you in three easy steps


1. You are what you absorb, not what you eat I’m sure you’re shopping locally, eating from your farmers markets and doing all the right things – but if your gut and digestion is sluggish, you wont be absorbing the nutrients from the food which is needed to protect and nourish your skin. Bacterial imbalances in the gut mean that nutrients may not be absorbed and utilised.
2. Digestion is a key to glowy skin All health starts in the digestive system, and if your digestion is sluggish and toxins are not being removed from the body, they will need to go somewhere.  As your skin is the biggest organ of elimination, toxins will be taken to the skin to be removed from your body – and that is where breakouts and clogged skin can start. Your skin in the biggest organ in your body and is responsible for toxin elimination – so when the bowels are not working, its going to show on the skin, because the when toxins aren’t being processed by the gut and excreted.  Also, your skin is home to a whole hose of bacteria – good and bad.
3. Intolerances You may have intolerance to something you are eating and that intolerance if left undiagnosed or untreated, it can show up on the skin as breakouts.  It’s literally your skin showing you that something is wrong and asking you to enquire further.


    So my advise is to take a daily living probiotic rich drink, like water kefir, and some fermented veggies to help feed the good bacteria in your guts.


    Enjoy a fibre rich diet to keep the bowels moving everything through and keep those toxins eliminating.


    And use natural organic skincare and make up that wont strip your skin of its natural good bacteria living there


    I hope this has helped!  Lots of love, Felicity!  xxx'


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