the nails have it!

the nails have it!

Welcome to natural nail polish heaven…

We know that traditionally, nail varnish is crammed with chemicals that can be very toxic for the human body. Thank goodness we live in 2017 and there are kinder alternatives!


Introducing our brand new range of nail polish made with vegetable ingredients. These babies have all the performance of other polishes, but without the nasty chemicals. Our formulas are protecting, strengthening and feature: green tea, cotton, corn, potato, wood pulp, silica, hydrolyzed silk, horsetail extract, Vitamins B, C & E, antioxidants and super greens. Trust us, these ingredients are all good for you!  Now you can wear nail polish and love your nails at the same town. Our range includes a base coat, top coat and full colour polishes. For every occasion we’ve got your nails covered…


eighty-four nutritive base

A regenerating base coat made with 84% vegetable origins. Clear & colourless.   Promotes growth and nourishes nail bed. Intense gloss. Long-wear. UV filte


eighty-five nail colour

Full range of natural colour polish featuring 85% vegetable ingredients ! Vibrant and      neutral tones to suit everyone. Here’s the list of amazing colours we’ve made for you –


◦ WALTZ is rose-gold bronze
◦ SOUL is healthy nude
◦ BALLET is classic light pink
◦ FOLK is light grey
◦ JAZZ is dark taupe
◦ TANGO is passionate red
◦ TAP is romantic deep raspberry
◦ INDIE is dark wine
◦ ROCK is midnight black
◦ MAMBO is creative tangerine


    eighty-three top shield

    Ultimate top coat to wear over colour polish, made with 83% veggie origin. Prevents chipping and helps your colour last longer.


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